ESPN Tight-Lipped Over Whether It Will Punish Host For Comparing Tea Party To ISIS


DailyCaller: ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports, is not saying whether it will punish talk show host and frequent Obama golf partner Tony Kornheiser for comparing the tea party to ISIS on his radio show last week.

The network declined to comment after The Daily Caller pointed out the similarities between Kornheiser’s comments and those that got ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling suspended in September for the remainder of the baseball regular season.

Schilling was benched after he sent a tweet comparing Muslim extremists to Nazis.  more here

14 Comments on ESPN Tight-Lipped Over Whether It Will Punish Host For Comparing Tea Party To ISIS

  1. Kornholer is right down there in the cesspool with other “sports journalists” who despicably allow their leftist personal views to spill over into their sports coverage.

    Keith Olberman, Bob Costas are just a few of the assklowns whose faces make me turn the channel every time I see them.

  2. He’d been gone 12 hours already if he’d compared todays Democrats to slave owners….
    Hell, even if he compared Democrats of 160 years ago.

  3. isn’t he the little jew metrosexual guy that waves the canadian flag at the end of his show on espn along with the black racist guy who thinks all black athletes can do no wrong and that the show off antics on the field of play by black players is cool and if done by a white athlete is disrespectful, that guy right?

    well color me surprised.

  4. I am so confused. When did lefties start liking sports? Or is it that they hate sports so much they want to destroy them for everyone else?

  5. Outrageous, that’s like comparing the Democrats to the Communist Party!

    Oh wait, the Democrats ARE the Communist party of America.

  6. Sanders isn’t even a member of the Democratic Party – he’s a member of the Socialist Party and running for the Democratic Party nomination – so that’s no exaggeration.

  7. My sister just quit able, and I haven’t even had TV for years, and never had ESPN, and never will. I am not going to pay people to do what Kornholer does.

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