An Open Letter To Donald Trump…

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  1. We read this last night. Good letter. I hope he reads it.

    And if you haven’t seen his latest speech in Iowa, it’s an entirely different “tone”. He is speaking directly to the people as though he is sitting in your living room. No “soaring (Hitler-ish) oratory” for this guy. He confronts many of the campaign issues that have arisen in the past week — of his own campaign and his rivals. And for those who think there’s no substance to him, it will make you think again. You’ll like it.

  2. AA

    How many minutes into tonight’s debate before Trump looks at Yeb and says “Look who’s here tonight! I thought you would be off, doing your other cool stuff!”?

  3. The Reagan speech that was posted in that letters comments, just change the numbers and see that nothing has changed for 51 years.

  4. Is anybody taking these new poll numbers serious? Some of these polls are reflecting a 15 point swing in a week. There’s no way.

  5. It’s pretty bad when Mike Tyson sounds much more intelligent than the media. If you have not seen his Trump endorsement you need to google it.

  6. I also read (somewhere) that those polled reflected a 70% population who were as yet undecided about their choice, while those who polled for Trump have a definite choice for him and only him.

    This is like the U.N. bacon/pork story. It’s made up of GOPe farts.

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