FBI issues alert that cops may be attacked by anarchists on Halloween



The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning police departments in twenty cities that cops may be attacked on Halloween. One of those cities is Detroit, which is no stranger to Halloween-related mayhem. -Marathon Pundit


7 Comments on FBI issues alert that cops may be attacked by anarchists on Halloween

  1. This morning at breakfast, Orson Welles said, “Cut this shit out. Without the cops, you haven’t got a prayer.”

  2. But I thought the government was most concerned with right wing anti-government groups. Evidently, the real concern is on the Left, but no one in the WH admits to it

  3. truth be known, the fbi should stake out the white house for the perpetrators and catch them before obama, moose and vj commit the crime of killing more cops.

  4. How about instead of warning police that they may be targeted, warn would-be criminals that they will be shot. Then tell the police that given the heightened danger, if they feel threatened they are allowed to shoot.

  5. Same FBI that can’t find any wrongdoing in the Clinton Foundation or the IRS, manufactures evidence in criminal proceedings, and spies on ordinary Americans?

    This is all bullshit to make it appear that Obola supports the police and believes that the cops will “live up to their responsibilities” – or however Josh Earnest put it.

    Good Cop/Bad Cop
    Show and Tell
    Political Theater

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