Finnish presidential candidate echoes Trump, wants to “Take Finland back!”

Voice of Europe: Laura Huhtasaari is a Finnish presidential candidate for the Finns Party. She has a Trump-style message for Finland: The country is changing rapidly and it is time to “Take Finland back!”.

Implicitly Huhtasaari refers to how political correctness is destroying her beautiful country. Wait for it! Finland’s presidential elections will start on 28 video

12 Comments on Finnish presidential candidate echoes Trump, wants to “Take Finland back!”

  1. It’s an invasion not immigration. They are coming to install Islam by rape, murder, and the ballot while you pay them to do it.

    Wake the eff up.

  2. God Bless her and will be praying for her victory.

    As a lefty regressive asshat politican would say (from whatever country)
    “I will defend these refugees to the last drop of your blood.”

  3. Immigrants should NEVER HAVE BEEN GIVEN the right to vote.

    They should have been on probation for 10 years to see if they can behave themselves, and the natives could reverse the decision.

    Too late now, they’ll vote for Islam.

  4. Sooner or later, somewhere some politician is going to win with a platform of eliminating their country of Muslim invaders by any means possible. This will include methodologies that are brutal. When you have a cancer you either radiate it of cut it out. The same with Muslims who do not incorporate with American values.

  5. OK, will the next videographer who works with Laura please not put her in a bright yellow background? I realize she’s pale, but she looks like a powdered lemon donut. Unfortunately, that type of shit counts when dealing with perception in advertising.

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