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Breitbart: French President Francois Hollande says that, despite the terrorist attacks in Paris that killed more than 120 people, “life must go on” and that his nation will still accept 30,000 Syrian refugees.

According to ABC News:

“Life should resume fully,” Hollande told a gathering of the country’s mayors, who gave him a standing ovation. “What would France be without its museums, without its terraces, its concerts, its sports competitions?

“France should remain as it is. Our duty is to carry on our lives.”

In the same spirit, he added, “30,000 refugees will be welcomed over the next two years. Our country has the duty to respect this commitment,” explaining that they will undergo vigorous security checks.  read more

SNIP: How does one ” vigorously security check” smoke and mirrors?


  1. The elite who run all governments behind the scene said, “Mr. Hollande, you will take in as many refugees as we tell you to take in or we will torture and kill your family in front of you then cut off your balls and let you bleed to death.”

  2. Memo to Hollande: France will BE without museums, terraces, churches, concerts, books other than Korans music, dance, beauty, wine, sports, etc. etc. etc. if you let 30,000 Koranimals in to out breed the French. Buh bye.

  3. “What would France be without its museums, without its terraces, its concerts, its sports competitions?”

    “What would France be without its muslims, without its terrorists, its calip-hates, its blood sport competitions?”

  4. “Life must go on,” huh? Tell that to the families and friends of all the foreign nationals who were killed in your cafes and at your music hall, monsieur O-lawn! You thought your shitty economy was on the ropes before last Friday? Wait ’til your tourist dollars dry up altogether. Oh, that’s right. You’re a socialist. You could give a giant roll-out-the-welcome-matt-for-murderous-muslims crap! Mon Dieu! Just like that sh*t-for-brains in the WH!

    Donald J. Trump 2016!
    “I would bomb the sh*t out them!”
    “Any Syrian refugees who are here when I take office are going back to wherever they came from!”
    “Illegal aliens who are part of gangs or have a criminal record will be out of this country so fast it will make their heads spin!”
    “obama’s executive order for amnesty will be signed out of existence within the first 10 minutes of my taking office.”
    “I guarantee you those hostages held by Iran will be released way before I take the oath.”

  5. OMG! FGGNH* is stupider than BHO!

    * Monsieur Le Dumb – Ass the Pretentious Frog has THREE middle names (Gerard Georges Nicolas).

  6. Obama, Trudeau, Merkel, Hollande, and the rest of the leftist liberal ruling elite traitors and useful idiots all have their orders, and those orders will be carried out against the will of the people. We live in evil and insane times.

  7. Quois? C’est le merde!

    Marie LePen is proof that she is the only politician in France with any balls.

  8. He’s pwnd by the NWO… As is Obummer… Elections are fake…. Corruption runs roughshod over the planet… Don’t be surprised, it always has….

  9. Nice position of power you got there Hollande. Be too bad when you’re voted out of it. Or…there’s that “R” word which is always on the back burner.

  10. Come on, we knew he was a socialist, elitist, globalist, hoipolloiophobe. He got a little sympathy tolerance last weekend, and it went to his head for a minute, but now he’s back to work, signalling his grand compassion to the world. And now I expect Barky will see him and raise him 10,000.

  11. Chamberlain, from the grave, is aghast at how much of a sell out the French President is.

    Real Frenchmen would be lopping his elitist head off about now with the guillotine.

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