If you believe Saba Ahmed is a republican you might believe Obama is a Christian – IOTW Report

If you believe Saba Ahmed is a republican you might believe Obama is a Christian

Saba is the go-between, the liaison, between Muslim operatives and bag-men republicans in the tank for Islam. That’s about the extent of Achmed’s republicanism.

Watch the Jamie Glazov Gang. He has Achmed debating an ex-imam and the imam says straight out that Achmed is practicing taqiyya.

She denies it. Maybe she has a point.  Taqiyya is lying to advance Sharia. If you listen carefully she eventually reveals the truth through her smiling puss.

She says Sharia is constitutionally compliant. She also says she would like to see an Islamic president in America one day, one that will introduce Islamic law here.

That’s brutally honest.




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  1. I try to keep informed on the issues, but when saw her, as soon as I realized that was our flag, I couldn’t even listen to her.
    Such disrespect deserves only scorn.

  2. I can’t listen — I’m full up to my eyeballs with this crap. BUT….if ms. kelly didn’t call the muslim out on her associations and motives for saying what she is saying then kelly isn’t much of a hard-hitting ‘journalist’ after all, is she.

  3. Burn her with fire. Right in our face, she is, and Ms. Kelly is an adoring sycophant. If Megyn’s Fox career comes to an end, she’ll be good on a soap opera. She already has that stern, concerned look perfected. She seems to be saying “I feel your pain.”

  4. I’m so fucking sick and tired of people saying that the 1st Amendment protects the practice Islam because it falls under “freedom of religion”.

    Islam falls under Marxism, Communism, Fascism….etc.


    I’m amazed at the ignorance that is still replete within the mindset of the average American.

    The practice of Islam and Shariah law is not protected under the Constitution – the two POLITICAL SYSTEMS can’t coexist with each other.

  5. Wiping ones ass with the flag would be less of a desecration than having some moslem bitch wear it for a fck’n burka.

    Every member of isis are devout moslems. Every mosque preaches hatred against non-muslims. Bulldoze every mosque and madrassa and deport the murderous followers of the pedophile.

  6. The Sharia poster girl mocks everything that’s American. She’s intentionally being offensive.
    BTW, the conservative woman debating the jihadist is Mr. Trump’s new Press Secretary, Katrina Pierson.
    A beautiful, smart, black Tea Party conservative who worked on Cruz’s Senate campaign and ran for office herself.

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