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HuffPo Chronicles “11 Blackest Moments in the Obama Presidency”

The Huffington Post is out with a new article, which chronicles the “11 blackest moments” of the Obama Presidency. The article is aptly titled, “The 11 Blackest Moments In The Obama Presidency,” with a subhead of “Thanks, Obama!”

The article is not written ironically.

According to the article’s author, Zeba Blay, “Obama has always been in a precarious position where his blackness has been at various times a political hindrance.” There there have been numerous times when “his blackness shines through.”

Among the “blackest” moments of President Obama’s time in office, according to Blay:

When President Obama made this face!
Obama Face

When he let a little boy touch his hair:
Obama Hair

When he said, “I have no more campaigns to run… I know, because I won both of them.”

And “when he did the smoothest swag walk ever after announcing Osama Bin Laden’s death.”

28 Comments on HuffPo Chronicles “11 Blackest Moments in the Obama Presidency”

  1. I liked it when he had a fly on his lip. He didn’t even react! Just like those starving Africans you see on the UNICEF commercials. You can’t get any blacker than that!

  2. That first photo looks like he’s trying to hold in a fart and seeing about he’s on the “down low” it would make sense–him having a loose sphincter and all.

    I had to look up the word “turnt”.

    I want my brain cells back.

  3. When he dismissed ALL us Americans who’ve built businesses, employed multitudes, supported communities through our leadership and TAX PAYING….when he dismissed us all by sniffing that we “didn’t build that”.
    That is his ‘blackest’ moment. Black in both senses, evil and stupid. AND offensive because it came out of the mouth of an Affirmative Action jackass hypocrite that COULDN’T accomplish anything, not that his chooming ass ever tried.

    Did I remember to include “ESAD your traitorous muslim lowlife” ?
    How about blasphemously misrepresenting yourself, is that a ‘black moment’ for an American President?

  4. The scariest thing about that article is the number one comment.

    Carolyn Boose · UDC
    He is also the baby whisperer. Little babies calm down when he holds them. Little girls mouths pop open and stay open when he speaks. He gets their undivided attention.

    She is not snarking. She is dead serious.

  5. I can’t wait till the media can announce “The first ALL black president WITH BRAINS!”

    Unfortunately for O’Bungles, he qualifies for neither.

  6. Meh, The crow thins as they lose interest in the New Man, and the core sycophant class still pounds the drum.
    But their moment is gone, they are trying to gild an old and fading Lilly. They become increasingly shrill and peculiar, and their king is as empty as his promises.

  7. In fairness, shouldn’t there also be an 11 whites moments, seeing, well knowing, he’s half white? Or, yellow, knowings he’s all that?

  8. Keep on worshiping him, Democrats. Jesus Christ will point out the First of the Ten Commandments and you will fry forever.

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