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Study purports to connect marriage happiness with a certain amount of sex

The very, very scientific, 4 decades long study says that the happiest married couples have sex….

once a week.

However, it doesn’t say who they are having sex with.


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  1. Hell, we’e in our 60s and we enjoy each other pretty much every other day on average.

    But my gal and I caught fire last night during sex so it’ll be a while until some shit grows back!

  2. The way of the world:
    Men want it more.
    Women want it less.
    The tolerable compromise in between the extremes best meets both sides needs – keeps both sides reasonably happy.
    This study just confirms the obvious

  3. It’s different for every couple. If one or both partners has a problem with the frequency, it will definitely become an issue sooner or later. But there is no proper frequency. There are probably couples that feel fine humping like rabbits on meth while others may be positively monastic. It totally depends on the people involved.

    I really hate Cosmo style sex “studies” usually done by some repulsive fag out to make everyone feel bad about themselves.

  4. Starter wife got to where she could care less, which made sex more work than it was worth. #2 (RIP) was good to go anytime/any place, same as #3. I could have it 5-6 times a day IF I wanted (or was18). Of course it helps a bunch when the Missus thinks you look great nekkid! Don’t need to say a word-just take my clothes off and her motor is running. Sometimes I’d rather just watch football, but I am 66.

  5. I must be doing something right…I fart on my wife when she spoons me, but she’s always in the mood for morning sex.

    One night I had a 23 ounce prime rib, with garlic mashed, and beer.
    The next morning I found her on the couch.

  6. When I was young I had a dirt bike accident that damaged my insides in that
    area. Everything looks as it should but it don’t ‘work’ for sex.
    So I didn’t think anyone would want to marry me. So I didn’t date. Around
    40 I was talking to this very nice lady and we dated and got married.
    She didn’t care if I couldn’t have sex.
    Been married now 30+ years. No sex ever. So I guess it’s not nessesary for a happy marriage.

  7. How do you conduct a “scientific” study on something as unquantifiable as “happiness?”

    “Do you enjoy … uhh … sexual intercourse?”
    “Are you ‘happy’?”
    “Wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it.”

  8. I really need to meet someone like you.

    My libido went south in menopause, and frankly, it’s still in Miami working on its tan.

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