Swimmers in the WWII Memorial Triggers Me

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  1. Third world behavior. It’s all fun and games until some illegal who can’t swim drowns in there. Then we get sued for $50,000,000 and lose. Send an ICE patrol down there once an hour. That crap will cease immediately.

  2. Absolutely DISGUSTING. Disrespectful.

    The Reflecting Pool (long, thin pool East from Lincoln Memorial to the WWII Memorial) is fine for wading, as well as the Nat’l Gallery of Art’s fountain (on Constitution Avenue, just West of the NGA).

  3. Can only imagine the soup of turds, typhoid and tuberculosis that pond will become. Shithole on the Mall. I thought “Drain the Swamp” was meant figuratively, not literally. Dammit, the more I think about it, the angrier I get. It’s like a swarm of goddam locusts.

  4. Perfect example of generations of people brought up to believe that there are no consequences for bad behavior. Sadly for them, sooner of later REALITY will intrude on their mindless reverie and they will wonder why “no one ever told me…”.

    Hasten the day!

  5. Killing two birds with one stone: unannounced times for bleach cleaning of the pools to remove algae.

    “mis ojos! mis ojos!”
    “Si. Yes, the chlorine will make your eyes burn. Si, it hurts, yes.”

  6. Every weekend I’m around their never seen this shit . Because I will fuc one of this people up . When I’m around their in a lot of Chinese people and Korea people take pictures. . This spring I will be keeping on eye on this this SOB better don’t do this shit . This isn’t there third world shit hole.

  7. I just call them at 202- 426- 6841 told them about the video. He told me this is a problem that they have in spring and hot summer . I also told him if I see that shit when I’m around the area I will take action.

  8. Lazlo worked in a pipeline cleaning company right after the civil war.
    One of the things we would do is to clean and ‘prove’ underground telephone conduits (prove that the company can pull their cable through it by pulling a four foot section through without damage).
    So I go down in a telephone manhole and pumped most of the water out to about 2 feet deep so I can work in my hip boots and prove the conduits specified.
    Prior to leaving I decided to warm up the water by peeing in it.
    Apparently there was a cable was exposed underwater.
    Apparently they put about 40 volts in telephone wires.
    I was shocked to find this out.
    I think that a similar application in the Memorial fountain will will have the desired reaction and they will solemnly vow to never, ever, ever do that again.

  9. I like the video of the tomb of the unknown soldiers, where the idiots in the crowd are laughing and talking, and the guard dresses them down very loudly.

  10. If they don’t respect our laws, why would you think they would respect our traditions, history, heritage and the sacrifices made by millions who served our country?

  11. are you kidding? I even rant against that Geico commercial where George Washington is crossing the Delaware Turnpike & yelling at the motorists

    …nothing is sacred anymore …. & we are paying the price

  12. Put a bunch of WWII veterans up on the hill with M-1 Garands and have them shoot anyone in the water to provide a real life experience of what it was like on Omaha Beach.

  13. I took care of the fountains on the House side (Center and West Courts (RHOB), and both Underground Garages) and we put in enough algaecide, pesticide, chlorine, and other assorted shit to kill a fuckin Orca. I couldn’t believe the dummies who would let their dogs romp around in em, much less the exhibitionist girls.

    Shit would bleach your jeans.

    Morons! Everywhere I look – morons!

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Change the sign to indicate permanent blue die has been put in the water and that wading in the water is a criminal offense. They put the die in the watet, station some useless DC police around along with ICE in disguise then watch the fun.

  15. I used to love sitting by the monument pools getting drunk watching the Summer tourists. There is so much goose and duck poop in those pools that the bottom is “mud”. The Park Service dies the water black to hide the trash, too. And it stinks. So, yeah: Go ahead; jump on in.

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