Jefferson’s Name Being Scrubbed From a National Memorial?

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During the 2017 controversies over Confederate monuments, President Trump sent out a prescient tweet with the following question:  “…who’s next, Washington, Jefferson?” On December 21, 2017, the United States Senate, which operates under rules evolved from A Manual of Parliamentary Practice for the Use of the Senate of the United States by Thomas Jefferson, took action to erase part of Jefferson’s legacy.

The Bi-Partisan Removal of Jefferson’s Name from a National Memorial-

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12 Comments on Jefferson’s Name Being Scrubbed From a National Memorial?

  1. Of all the serious issues this nation faces the Senate continues to concentrate on minutia.
    To erase the name of such a truly great American continues the destruction/revision of our History and proud heritage.

  2. The change was sponsored by Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) and co-sponsored by Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri).
    Something terribly wrong with these people.
    Can we still have Lincoln and Washington’s Birthday on the calendar this month, or is this just more prep for Sharia?

  3. The kids now a days probably think jefferson is the black guy on archic bunkers tv show. Move’n on up to the east side.hell they dont even know who jefferson airship was.🤔

  4. Next they’ll remove all public drinking fountains because they’re next on the list that trigger’s blacks.

  5. Let’s compare Jefferson’s accomplishments and contribution to our America vs. the combined contributions of Blunt and mccaskill.

    It isn’t even close. Shame on you unaccomplished butt boils.

  6. This should be countered with a lawsuit against racial discrimination. Whites, and only whites, are held to be morally depraved for owning slaves, despite the fact that slavery was practically a universal custom. This means that whites, and only whites, are held to a standard nobody else is expected to meet, and that is discrimination.

  7. This idiot that are doing this needs to go cleans the shit hole in Baltimore, PG all the mark from MS 13 and the blacks writing all over the highway and bridges.

  8. I can understand the stupidity of McCaskill, but what the hell is wrong with Blunt? Has he been hanging around in the swamp too long and been infected??

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