Kamala Harris – “the rent’s too damn high!”

Kamala Harris.

I introduced the to help ease the burden. This equals more money in people’s pockets at the end of the year.


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  1. The Demarxists sing one tune: Buy votes by promising to give people free stuff using other people’s money.

    They say “Property is theft”. In reality, Socialism is theft.

  2. It’s no surprise to anyone that people like her exist, what’s troubling is how much company she has.

  3. ORGAN

    You clearly live in the East.

    You do not fuck your way through Bolt Hall.

    She is part of the Bush/Rove syndicate; so I dislike her. But she is smart!

    Alexander the Great wrote a text for his Academy. 1 of the things he said was, paraphrasing. “Know your enemy!”!
    She clearly is America’s enemy , but your remark says you know her not!

    Please take out your wallet and PAY ATTENTION!

  4. Kamila Brilla
    She had a snake for a pet
    And an amulet
    And she was breeding a dwarf
    But she wasn’t done yet
    She had gray-green skin
    A doll with a pin
    I told her she was awright
    But I couldn’t come in

    Ahhh poor Frank. I wish he wuz still around today. He’d have a field day with today’s shit that’s going on!

  5. @Fink, true that!

    @ LCD, took the words right out of my m….. er…. fingertips!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. Why does every proposal by so called “progressives” transfer taxpayer dollars from producing citizens to underperforming citizens. It’s good electioneering for progs as there are many more underperformers than producers. This country already has a extremely generous safety net for poor people. Continuing to enrich people from the federal coffers that are not trying to achieve a better lifestyle is counterproductive and results in further dependency on handouts.
    Someone needs to inform these idiotic pols that you can milk a cow everyday but you can’t skin it but once.

  7. 21M is about right — that would be the number of people living within the boundaries of major metropolitan cities (L.A., NY, Seattle, Denver, etc.). All those high-paying, high-earning jobs that people flock to the cities to work at (and pay very high rent) and live in. What she doesn’t say is the ghastly high percentage of local and state taxes they pay — which, as a percentage are probably worse than the rent number if you look at what those denizens receive in exchange — for social justice programs like needle exchanges, shooting galleries, poop in the streets, police catch-and-release policies (which encourage crime), and garbage disposal for all the “homeless” encampments, just to name a few of the problems with modern Democrat’ governance of those cities.

  8. FFS, my first job and apartment right outta HS I was paying 31% of my NET in rent. The year? 1973. What she’s suggesting is the first step in nationalization of real property. What about Section 8 vouchers or public housing?

  9. What about mortgages being too high? How about some relief for mortgage holders who are one payment away from being foreclosed on. I don’t have a mortgage, worked my ass off to pay it off. But if they got some relief, I may go out and mortgage it again just to get a piece of the pie she’s handing out.

    Democrats haven’t been this mad since Lincoln freed the slaves!

  10. Kamala Harris
    Jul 20

    How the #RentReliefAct works: renters who spend more than 30% of their income on rent would be eligible for a federal tax credit. This means more money in your bank account and more money invested back into the economy.

    A federal income tax redistribution from those who pay more to the government banking system for “rent”, from those who pay less to the government banking system for “rent”, leaves nothing more in the accounts held by the government banking system. Nor does it invest anything, let alone “more” of anything, back into the economy.

    It does, however, redirect more into the accounts of those who own the government banking system.

    Who says socialism doesn’t work? According to (government) plan?

  11. “Take money (by violence, if necessary) from those who earn it and give it to those who don’t.”

    Say what you mean; Mean what you say.

    Hypocrisy, lies, and mendacity are the cornerstones of today’s politics.

    Another lying millionaire who isn’t prepared to get up off her own money, but to take yours and “re-distribute” it to her sycophants.

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. My first mortgage was 60% of my income.
    Somehow I managed to pay the son of a bitch off in 12 years.
    Without any assistance. And got married and had 2 kids along the way.
    It CAN be done – All a person needs is motivation – not a free hand out.

  13. Rental property owners could lower rents if they didn’t have to pay exorbinant property taxes, insurance, water and sewer taxes etc.
    But if they didn’t pay that bakshish, how quickly would the governments of CA, NJ, NY, et al collapse?

    Are the precious Kamillas out there willing to do their ‘public service’ for 30% less grift, I mean, salaries and bennies????????

  14. Why doesn’t Kamala simply write a law forcing landlords to charge less for rent?

    (An amendment to the legislation could require making pi equal to 3.0000 while they’re at it.)

  15. As usual, Democrats create a problem, and then come up with a “solution “ to garner votes. Nation-wide rent control? Brilliant!

  16. The rule of thumb to go by for rent or mortgage is 25% of your net or 33% of your gross. It’s been like that for years and mostly holds true.

  17. @ecp July 22, 2018 at 9:50 am

    > My first mortgage was 60% of my income.
    > …
    > It CAN be done

    It COULD be done. Before mass (now up to MASSIVE) importation of third world labor, to work for third world wages, and live in third world conditions, in direct “competition” (with the government’s fists, not merely thumb, on the scale) against the people who COULD live the American dream, before.

    It COULD be done. Before “a phone call and the stroke of a pen” increased unemployment by FIFTY percentage points. (Not by 50%. Not by half again what it was. But adding 50 percentage points to WHAT IT ALREADY WAS.)

    > All a person needs is motivation – not a free hand out.

    The prayer to Mammon. Uttered by every movie star who’s “earned” their millions. By every inheritor of what was built before them. By every gamer of the system, who’s won by collecting the “losses” xe pays another to collect for them. Amen.

  18. No worries about rent increases as she’ll just put a cap on what landlords can charge. Problem solved

  19. Rentals are high because people do not own the property and leave it as a $hit hole when they leave. I know several land lords that tell me horror stories of how their property is left. Thousands of dollars in repairs, top that with property taxes, a high water bill the tenant did not pay, and the cost to dispose of the trash they left behind is another out of pocket cost for the landlord. Government under Harris would love to confiscate private property and dole out the units as they see fit. We all know what government housing looks like. Gawd I despise these people!

  20. So are your “nightly rates”. K*ntmala Harris wants to pay Landlords outrageous monthly rents from taxpayer dollars ’cause in her limited education that is how it works in her “Merica. And I thought Barry had no job history,,,

  21. Forget their latest “brilliant” slogan, “For the People?” they should just keep it simple: “Free sh!t!”

  22. The mortgage on my second home purchase was $4 per month more than my take-home pay for a fortnight. I think I was 22. I bought my first home when I was 19 (huge mistake – Palmer Park, MD) but I learned and persevered. This is, as usual, socialism and theft couched in terms of “helping the po’ffokkes.”
    Total bullshit.

    We feed the coons, the deer, the squirrels, and the birds – and guess what?
    We got more coons, deer, squirrels, and birds than you can shake a stick at!
    And the sorry fukkers steal the free food from one another!
    Fighting over free shit! Sound familiar?

    Not implying that “po’ffokkes” are anything like animals, but there seems to be a lesson here – sort of an Aesop Fable or something.

    izlamo delenda est …


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