Meet Alexandra Lains – Young, Pretty, Smart Conservative Political Pundit

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  1. I wonder if she has had to practice talking that fast, or if it just comes naturally to her. I’m not criticizing, just observing and curious.

  2. I read “Pretty, Smart Conservative Political Pundit” and I thought you meant me.

    Then I noticed the “Young” part and realized you didn’t. Ah well.

  3. Tim – FJB
    JANUARY 26, 2022 AT 11:38 AM
    ‘Tad slower and lower frequency for us old deaf dudes.’

    …we old deaf dudes, by and large, are not the ones in need of a conservative message…

  4. Fact – all conservative women are attractive and intelligent.

    She reminds me of a young Alanis Morissette…especially in her “Ironic” video.

  5. I am getting kinda long in the toof, and a little hearing impaired myself. Didn’t have any trouble understanding her. If Ben Shapiro ever has anything to say that I might want to hear, I’m gonna try to slow his ass down to 3/4…..if I can figger out how.

  6. Youtube speed control is in the Settings menu that you get to by clicking on the little gear wheel bottom left-ish. Then select Playback speed.

    Also, I usually turn on CC (closed captions) which is available on most but not all videos.

    Yeah, I’m hearing impaired (before I learned my lesson, too much loud music and gunshots w/out good ear pro) but have good hearing aids. They help a lot, but they’re not a cure-all.

  7. Well, we are not short of others who could spend 10 minutes talking and not even come close to what she said in 58 seconds.

  8. I had no problem understanding her.

    I do use the speed control on YouTube. On talking videos I often speed it up. With so many videos over ten to fifteen minutes, I would not have time to watch them all if I didn’t. Sometimes I can run them at 2x, but usually I do 1.3. It is hardly noticeable at 1.2 most of the time (but not with music).

    I don’t watch many Rebel News videos anymore. They have made an art form in making ten minute long videos that could be done in three.

  9. Dudes follow hot women. Always have, always will. If the hot women go lefty, guys will too just to get laid.

    I don’t like it, but that’s the way it is.

    That’s why you should welcome hot women conservatives and be glad liberal women are ugly.

    Because when you do it the OTHER way, you end up with the ’60s.

  10. Conservative. Feminist. Telling “men” how to man up. And voat harderer. The right way.

    Fellow Bolsheviks quake in terror.

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