New documents reveal FBI’s Clinton cover-up



In Washington, the ostensible story is rarely the real story. We know, for example, that former President Clinton engineered a meeting with President Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch, on the tarmac of the Phoenix Airport on June 27, 2016.

That’s the official story, replete with the charming and intentionally disarming detail that all they talked about was their grandchildren. It was just coincidental, don’t you know, that at the time the FBI was looking into Hillary Clinton’s use of a “personal” email server to send, receive and store classified information.

And it was also simply coincidental that just a few days later, the director of the FBI – who served under Attorney General Lynch – announced that he wouldn’t recommend a prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

Richard Nixon must be rolling over in his grave.

What we haven’t known, until now, is that a frantic scramble erupted in the halls of the FBI to cover up this meeting. In fact, the FBI turned its sharp light not on the scandalous meeting between the attorney general and Bill Clinton – but rather on one of the whistleblowers who got the word out.

The organization I head, Judicial Watch, asked the FBI on July 7, 2016, for any records that might pertain to the infamous tarmac meeting. We had to sue after we were ignored by the agency.

Then the FBI told us flat-out that it couldn’t find any records. And we now know that was flat-out untrue. Because, in responding to another one of our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits, the Justice Department gave us heavily redacted documents that showed there were additional documents tucked away at the FBI headquarters.

If not for Judicial Watch’s lawsuits these documents would still be hidden today.

Because of the revelation in our other lawsuit, the FBI – without our knowledge—”reopened” our FOIA request. The agency supposedly found about 30 pages of information, which it needed six weeks to review. The FBI finally gave them to us late Thursday.


h/t Pacific Pundit.

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  1. wait a minute! … you mean to tell me “…the director of the FBI – … served under [the] Attorney General”???

    … & the Attorney General serves under the President? …. well, knock me over with a feather!!! … all this time CNN was telling me that the FBI director couldn’t be fired …. as Ralphie Parker said … ‘son of a bitch!’


    If it’s not going to do the will of the people, then we don’t need it anymore.

    It’s so corrupt, no one can possible keep up with the latest crime.

  3. The snake is swallowing itself and its innards will soon be on full display. Forget about how sausage is made — what’s coming, we all can hope, will be truly gruesome, but like a train wreck. No one will be able to look away.

    The pendulum never stops swinging.

  4. Jeff Sessions is a swamp dwelling, slime ball. I’m convinced he was placed in the early Trump campaign by those who have control over him. Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch are champions and will continue to receive donations from me.

  5. And we are asked to “trust” the DOJ and the FBI implicitly?

    What little integrity they earned was all a Public Relations scheme manufactured by political hacks within the agency with Lynch and Comey’s knowledge.

    Sounds a lot like Benghazi, fast and furious gun running and all the other lies told to the American People.

    Just who in the hell can we trust… seems it’s down to Judicial Watch…”only after years” of being screwed with by the Agencies.

    Might I add that Congressional Hearings and those who grandstand are as useless as tits on a boar.

  6. Thank you, Judicial Watch.
    They are one of only a few that deserve our donations.
    Thank you for getting this information out there for all to see.
    Please, keep up the good and noble work that you do.

  7. Geoff,

    Ya know I’ve heard so much of this shit I don’t believe any of it. I hope I’m happily surprised, however Trump seems to be hell bent on getting rid of Sessions. Mr. Peabody.

  8. Brad and Joe go back and read the new update. Sundance has not been wrong very often in the last two years , as he calls it the Big Ugly is about to start.
    Answer me this why is Sessions still around ?
    We know that Trump will fire people when they are not doing their job. We don’t know what they know . If I am wrong I am wrong , I have not lost faith in any of Trumps picks yet.
    Got to hit the hay now talk to you later.

  9. Geoff

    Statistically how many times when we are seeing “X” but are told it’s actually “Y” has it turned out to be “Y”. Never. I’m getting tired of being punked.

  10. Like anyone with an IQ above 75 couldn’t see this from a glance. Only a complete idiot would believe the meeting was for anything other than nefarious purposes.

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