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One of the Greatest Thomas Sowell Quotes


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  1. Maybe the greatest American scholar, economist and anecdotal historian of the late 20th century.

    Wrapped up in ONE.

    He started on a journey, and then had and epiphany.

  2. It is said that the journey of rehabilitation starts with admitting the problem. This country has been on one hell of bender. Time for those addicted to corruption and their enablers to get a dose of the old hickoty switch cure.

  3. I sure hope it’s the ultimate stage of absurdity,
    we can’t go a step further.

    SlowJoe and his dumb hoe are a no go.

  4. I’ve been a fan since the first time I watched him in debates back in the 70’s. There wasn’t one time that he didn’t skewer the liberal opposition with his logic, I especially recall enjoying him destroying Francis Fox Piven.
    Thomas Sowell is an american treasure, one of the all time greats!

  5. From the comments section of Erik’s link: “Thomas Sowell vs. Joe Biden. Was there ever a better example of someone having a battle of wits with an unarmed man?”

    No there wasn’t and Joe is even dumber than he was almost 30 years ago.

  6. Dr. Sowell said that decades ago! Amazed how little things have changed in the “new’ century!
    At least Don took back some of the ground we gave up since 1988!

  7. Gin Blossom — I too was a fan girl of Sowell’s until he signed on with NRO for that 2/15/16 anti-Trump screed as one of the gang of 22 writers who took turns calling Trump a “A shoot-from-the-hip, belligerent show-off..” He came perilously near to comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler, too.

    The others who made up that ridiculous cohort, I could understand, but I was truly crushed to see Sowell’s name among them and wondered just how much he got paid to add his illustrious name and reputation to that lot. My disappointment was not that he exposed himself as a conservative elitist, but that he got Trump so entirely wrong.

  8. AA,
    Agree, I recall some of his negative remarks, but he saw the light since!
    {I was disappointed with his dismissive attitude also.}


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