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One Year And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

Sure, the swamp rose up and slapped down healthcare reform to saddle the nation with Obamacare a little longer, but across the board, the left has been taking it in the chops all year, thanks to the one man unwilling to give them an even break.  Donald J. Trump.


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  1. Love his enthusiasm, but I never underestimate the sliminess of a Clinton to slip the bounds of justice.

    And Mueller, complicit in unraniumgate, is still heading the DOJ witch hunt, and Sessions still DOJ head. Gotta go along with every stinking slime bucket obama holdover.

  2. Trump is winning with very few players on his side. Other than those of us that voted for him of course. Cleaning up, and getting law and order guys in the DOJ has to a bigger priority!

  3. Personally, I will consider it “winning” when the criminal politicians, criminal IRS workers, and criminal “law enforcement” people in Washington who have committed the crimes we’ve know about for months and years are actually put in prison for the crimes they have committed.

  4. Very sobering when you consider that Killery could have stolen the election and there wouldn’t have been a damn thing we could have done about it.

    MAGA! Thank you, God.

  5. Trumps a genius. Literally, his IQ is off the charts. But he’s limited in continuous success until he starts getting some cooperation.

  6. President Trump heads the DOJ. AG Sessions AND the entire FBI exist under his command. He can fire any of them post haste. It’s a shame that the GOP is full of sanctimonious, unAmerican, selfish PRICKS. I mean YOU, Paul Ryan, I ball my fist every time I see you.

    With SO MUCH on Mr Trump’s plate, and with so many years of our government staggering out of order, we need to muster patience for our President and support him in his Herculean labors.

  7. O.T.
    @Bad_Brad, asking for your input about the difference between carrying with one in the tube and having to chamber one in a bad situation.

  8. jellybean

    If you carry with out one in the tube you will die. It happens to fast. If your carrying a single action keep it in the #1 position, the way the weapon was designed, hammer back, safety on. If you’re carrying a modern striker fire weapon, this video is for you, and it’s the Gods honest truth. Thank you for being a conservative and carrying. I’m starting to think we are the last line of defense.

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