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Oregon Now Has Statewide Rent Control

Any honest economist will tell you that rent control is a bad idea. It discourages new home construction, landlords from maintaining their property and has a perverse effect on renter’s decisions.

The state of Oregon has decided that interfering in the rental market is more important than allowing individuals to make up their own minds on where and how to live, by enacting statewide rent control. While the initial provision may seem modest and even reasonable to most, it won’t take much pressure on politicians to make the law worse than it already is once the rental market starts spiraling out of control. More

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  1. Rent Control is among the most vicious and counterproductive of market dislocations.

  2. I’m sure this will arrive on our doorsteps soon as the reason for all of the homelessness around Seattle is because of unaffordable housing.

  3. Outside of PDX she is referred to as Kate Brownstain, in PDX we refer to her as guacamole

  4. Am I the only one who would like to take a driver too her face?

  5. The idea that private property is subject to the whims of politics goes against every tenet of civilization. It’s just pure corruption.

  6. “Kate Brown moving Oregon forward”,blindly, toward the edge of a steep cliff.

  7. Kate Brown-Shorts is a prime example of what happens to a state when California leftist flee to other states and bring their failed politics with them. Oregon was not always this bad, we’ve NEVER been worse.

  8. How long before they institute price control on bread, bananas, diapers, the amount a restaurant can charge, babysitting prices, and on and on.

    Damn commie bastards. The most discouraging thing is it keeps happening. No matter how outrageous, liberalism just keeps stomping the life out of everything.

  9. If I had any rental property there I would sell and relocate somewhere in America

  10. Yea, but the governor is a WOMAN and a leftist. And she has dimples. Now isn’t that more important than any economic considerations?
    C’mon, this is 2019!

  11. I see our lesbian* governor is looking lovely, as always.

    *Technically, she is self-described as a “bi-sexual”, which just means she found some schmuck to father her children, while she has sex with women.

  12. I developed properties for most of my life…by the time I was 32, only commercial properties. Apartment development is a business for special people, I am not one, and it is difficult for many reasons which include serious over development cycles, interest rates,mandatory insurance availability, highest level of competition, erratic drunk insane psychopathic tenants ( see Pacific Heights movie if you are strong mentally as it gives a mild flavor of being an owner) Federal eeoc and other laws etc…then add Rent Control. I owned several projects that were never able to have the rent increased in 23 years while the CPI increased over three fold for costs. You can be ruined for not providing a workable clean unit even if the tenant and roving gangs seeking money for drugs rip out the plumbing, electrical windows, structure for firewood in a near by barrel , 43 people in a two room apartment thanks to illegals etc etc.. Eviction laws that required me to have the front door removed so that the tenant would have to flee before dark..and some things still awake me at night from those times…one of the worst was the dead eyes, calm tone, steady incoherent responses of City Employees telling me that I am liable for some horror perpetrated by a tenant or two. The local news doing a hit piece of how I rented an old person an apartment without a floor or bathroom and snarky comments when I tell them it was a fine unit two weeks ago..Rent control is a mean scam, I knew a nice woman worth 500 million dollars in NYC who rented an entire two floors of a building with 5 fireplaces for $470 per month while she was in her 70s…Father founded Brown Brothers enterprises..Rent control destroys older developments and stops new projects and is especially bad for the poor..

  13. The whole state will become a slum in a few years as the “Illegals” there trash a place then move to another & the landlords will be unable to afford to repair the damage they caused.

  14. @ F4UCorsair MARCH 21, 2019 AT 5:22 PM

    The governor ran as a dyke. In PDX that more important than any other considerations economic or otherwise

  15. “Dumbass Brown: moving Oregon… off a cliff.” 🙄

  16. Too bad this will have the opposite effect as the socialists are hoping for. Expect more homelessness then the next “logical” step is confiscation of apartments from landlords. Then again this could just be another Hegelian scheme.

  17. Oregon elected Velma from Scooby Doo as governor?


  18. @Anonymous MARCH 21, 2019 AT 6:27 PM
    “The governor ran as a dyke.”
    I stand corrected. But maybe those dimples were from muff-diving on a cellulite laden womyn.?…

  19. What is happening in Oregon is a systematic Communist coup being done by the political traitors in power. In Oregon, during the depression years, a law was passed that required every job have two people hired to do it with the pay divided between them, because of unemployment. Scrip became the local form of money. After rent control comes forced shared housing (like in “Ninochka”). Communist control means all aspects of life are policed by the State. Slowly, but surely. When armed enforcers control the people, dissent or resistance will mean being taken to the readied gulag prisons.


  20. Me again, never again will I be a landlord. Sounds to me you were much more active than I was but when I was young I had a four plex. This was in Anchorage, and during the winter months you could not evict a deadbeat. Spring finally came and we got the problem renters out. Instead of taking the garbage out they knocked holes In the drywall and filled all the spaces with garbage. Right after that I read Alaska’s, Renters Bill of Rights. If that doesn’t cure you of being a landlord nothing will.

  21. Much in the same vein; In Maryland the commies in power want to require that a landlord accept Section 8 rental applications. That means the owner must let the Section Eighter’s in knowing they will often do 5-10 thousands of dollars of damage to the property before they take off and go ruin another rental home.
    Once that starts many little guys with an apartment or house to rent for a bit of money will sell the unit to avoid
    the mess and damage. Voila! No rentals on the market
    except by the big slum lords. Let them handle it. Ha!

  22. As a native Californian who resides in the peoples republic of NJ, i want to apologize for my fellow natives moving and trying to destroy such a beautiful place on our planet. You better hope she doesn’t implement a rain tax like the lefty fags here did and douchebag billionaire goldman sachs guy just signed into law.

  23. I’ve never seen a stupider looking muff-muncher than her.

  24. Lazlo got it. Now there will be a shortage
    of any kind of rental apt. big-small lo-hi rent etc.

  25. I think this Gov. Brown was trying to out commie the Gov. brown from Calif. But she got upstaged by that commie MOFO Gavin Nonuts!


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