Pelosi Demands Video That Trump Shared Of Her Ripping Speech Be Banned – IOTW Report

Pelosi Demands Video That Trump Shared Of Her Ripping Speech Be Banned

Report: Pelosi Demands Social Media Remove Meme Trump Shared Mocking Her SOTU Stunt

Pelosi and company are now demanding that Facebook and Twitter censor the video because it’s “offensive.”

Trump is the king of trolling Democrats.
She brought this all on herself and now doesn’t want to be portrayed as this.
Such a petulant child. – Woody

37 Comments on Pelosi Demands Video That Trump Shared Of Her Ripping Speech Be Banned

  1. And facebooks surprising response was that he did say those things in his speech and she did rip the papers. Its reported both twitter and Facebook declined the request.

  2. Offensive is, as offensive does; Bitch.
    If you don’t want your evil self revealed don’t
    do your nasties on camera before the entire world.

  3. Uncle Al, I could be wrong but I think the Dems have been spiting on the social media companies a bit much lately and they are getting tired of it.

    Funny how the Dems can keep accusing Trump of doing things where there is no proof, but they expect videos showing them either doing things or admitting to doing things to be hidden from the public.

    The next thing you know is that the accusation that Pelosi ripped up the speech will be “debunked.”

  4. We were taught as children that only tyrants, despots and dictators can’t handle honest feedback. Nothing is more honest than a video of the real action.

  5. Well, I’m actually going to say a prayer for Nancy – because she is going to need one; I hold NO thoughts of her soon to be – demise; being a good one.

  6. Nancy just got her Botox rearranged by a tremendous right to the jaw by PDJT. Now she’s on the mat and the ref has counted to 9

  7. Story I read about Facebook’s response is at Gateway Pundit. Sorry folks, don’t know how to link but maybe someone else can.

  8. Jack Duggan was his name FEBRUARY 8, 2020 AT 6:44 PM

    Prayer for Piglosie?

    God grant her justice for her actions…

  9. Here’s the deal: The wide public response to Nasty’s stunt doesn’t match what she thought the overwhelming response should be. As in anything else Trump, she suffers extreme cognitive dissonance.

    So just shut up! She doesn’t need a lesson from anyone!!

  10. Yes it was offensive. That bitch needs to be reminded that she did a despicable thing ripping up the speech.

    She has wasted 3 years on a BS impeachment. We need better representatives.

  11. Pelosi’s stunt makes for a good election ad for any Republican running for office. Just have Trump stating a few of his accomplishments then show Pelosi ripping up the speech. Hell just about any of this speech can make an great add. Just have Trump voice stating the accompishment and have the picture showing the Dems sitting stony-faced while Republicans are cheering. I continue to be amazed just how brain dead the left seems to be whenever Trump decides to slap them around.

  12. That one little “slip” that will be her last worst act.
    It’s all downhill now, Wicked Witch of the West; watch your former co-conspirators give you lots of space.

  13. I would think she would put the exact same video to use for the democrats 2020 campaign. Their base of crazies will eat it up.

  14. If the GOP wins back the House, the first thing that should happen is that Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler all get censured and stripped of all committee assignments. If the democrats are stupid enough to make Pelosi minority leader, then that’s their stupidity on full display, again.

  15. It’s called “The Steisand Effect” – The Streisand effect is a phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. Make sure her request (if true) is spread far and wide, so people will see the video.

  16. This sort of emotional hissyfit justifies misogyny. Nancy and Hillary and the the Squad have done more damage to womens’ standing than any of the men accused by the ‘me too’ movement.

    What an embarrassment to polite, logical women across this country.

  17. That’s the left in a nutshell: “Not because I showed my ass, but because millions of people are seeing & replaying the clip YOU posted! It’s ALL Trump’s fault!!!”

  18. She’s claiming that the clip was edited to show her ripping up the speech; I presume that means it wasn’t her – all you people that saw her do it on LIVE TV are right-wing liars.
    Go ahead cunt, seal your fate.


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