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Secret Service Hot Mic

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  1. I like the airman’s eye expression to the right of the bidet, he is thinking I am serving under this melon?

  2. “Don’t look! DON’T LOOK! Oh, God, please help me. Just stare at the camera. Oh, Lord. He’s a moron! A jackwagon! He’s an idjit! Someone needs to tell the country.”

  3. Still President Trump could walk down the stairs, carrying Melania’s coat, while putting on his own coat, salute the Marines, chase down a wind-blown cover and replace it on the Marine’s head, turn and shake hands with whoever he was meeting with, all while smiling and waving to the cameras.

    How I do miss my President.

  4. I’m surprised they don’t fly Brandon around at night just to avoid these awful scenes.

  5. You can always write him when he goes to prison cause he sure as hell will never ever be in office again.


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