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Some guy from the Clown Car has a problem with the DNC debate format

Daily Caller:


Former Democratic Maryland Rep. and presidential candidate John Delaney expressed his displeasure with the new criteria the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced for the third primary debate, during a Thursday night interview with Sandra Smith.

The two requirements a candidate could reach to qualify for the first and second debates are earning at least one percent of the vote in three national or early-primary-state polls conducted by designated polls, or by receiving donations from 65,000 unique donors, including a minimum of 200 donors in at least 20 states. To qualify for the third debate, each candidate needs to poll 2% in four predetermined polls and accumulate 130,000 individual donors, the DNC announced Wednesday.

“Well, I’d just like to know how they came up with [the criteria]. I understand the goal of the DNC, which is to narrow the field, and I don’t actually have an issue with that I understand why this they are doing that, that makes sense. But these criteria that they’ve came up with to me seem somewhat arbitrary. I mean the polling standard makes total sense but then they have this donor criteria,” Delaney added.  more here

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  1. Looks like Delaney needs to dig up 130,000+ “Dead People” in at least 21 states to have each one make a large enough donation so he’ll qualify for the third debate.

  2. Did the dimwit actually think anything done by democrats regarding elections was going to be above board?

  3. Because the DNC is having financial problems John. Remember they turned the piggy bank over to the Clinton syndicate expecting it to be refurbished once she won the presidency as was supposedly assured. Miscalculation of your party. It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.

  4. A few days ago, somebody suggested we all send in $1.00 donations to all the dems who have announced. I like that idea. For the dem debates blatherfests the more the merrier messier.

    edit: If you send in your one-buck donation, mail in a paper check. It’ll cost the campaign a lot more than a dollar to process it that way. Plus with a paper trail they won’t be so tempted to just toss it in the trash.


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