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The Insurance Company Asked For a Simple Drawing of the Accident

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  1. That’s priceless.

    friend of mine hit a decent (for SC) sized buck recently. Front of his full size pick up was almost totaled. His airbag didn’t even deploy.

  2. My pal smoked a deer and the airbag knocked him silly and he drove the car into the ditch. His wife came to the scene they loaded up the deer took it home and ate it.

  3. Some many years ago the wife’s vehicle was a LARGE Olds that we named the deer slayer. She got a number of them which accounted for the different colored hood. Was getting up there in years and miles so I never repainted, just replaced crunched parts from the bone yard. She was very happy when we finally gave that one away and got her the first of a number of new Accords.

    Kids were with her one of the times and they thought it was really “exciting and neat.” Front end and hood damage with broken wind shield and the damn buck got up and ran into the brush. Wouldn’t have been neat if it had gone through the windshield instead of rolling up and over the car…

  4. I saw that same expression on interstate 70 at 6:30 this morning. Luckily for both of us it was still standing on the shoulder as I passed.

  5. Our pastor’s wife and daughters flipped a Cadillac Escalade, totaling it when avoiding hitting a deer. They survived.

  6. Hit one in 2002 on I-5 out of Woodburn. 6 AM, deer jumps out of the center median right in front of me. Nothing is quite as thrilling as doing 70 mph and having the hood fly up into the windshield and blinding you. Totaled the minivan. Come close to hitting them many times before and after, but this was the only direct hit.

  7. My mother totaled two, yes two mind you, Ford Skyliners on deer between Gates of the Mountains and Helena Montana.

  8. An acquaintance of mine hit a deer a few weeks ago. Nearly killed him. The deer came through the windshield and put out one of his eyes with a horn.

  9. Friend of mine hit a deer on the passenger side going north to a Penn State game a few years ago. Unremarkable except that he hit one on the drivers side going home 2 days later for a matching set.

    His insurance company kept rejecting the second claim as a duplicate.

  10. One of my friends was driving her mom somewhere when a deer “hit” them. They were driving real slow on a residential street. The deer was on the side of the road, so she slowed down to about 5mph. As they got near, the deer jumped up on their hood, danced around for about 10 seconds trying to get his footing on the slippery surface, then finally fell off. He got up, looked around and took off. Both women were silent for a bit then started laughing uncontrollably. Her description of the event had us laughing hysterically, too.

  11. When my daughter was just learning to drive I took her S. on Hwy. 195 S. of Spokane just about twilight. A deer came out of nowhere and hit our Olds Cutlass on the left front side in front of the drivers door, she didn’t even see it, it was just there. She started crying that she killed Bambi and I took over driving home, fortunately there wasn’t much damage and a few minutes later my daughter was laughing hysterically at the suicidal deer. As for me, I’ve hit more than more than my fair share of deer and I don’t want to hit another one. I even tangled with a moose once N. of Sandpoint, Id. on a pitch black night that hit my work van in the passenger door and left a great big bloody mess and hair and fur all over the side of the van. Fortunately it was not right in front of me, thank God.

  12. About a year ago, a buck ran into the passenger side of my vehicle. I had slowed down to about 15 mph because I saw him running across a field toward the road. If I hadn’t, I would have hit him. Instead, he just plowed into my vehicle, bounced off, and ran back into the field. I had $2,800 worth of damage. The deer are nuts again this year, too.

  13. Wife hit a moose with a mini van a few years back.
    The lady with her in the passenger seat actually had her hand on the moose’s ass when it all stopped.
    Totaled the van, but nobody was hurt except the moose.


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