U.S. Soldier Warns That Her Gun Doesn’t Point Only at Other Countries – It Points at U.S. Citizens Under Martial Law, and Seems a Bit Happy About It – IOTW Report

U.S. Soldier Warns That Her Gun Doesn’t Point Only at Other Countries – It Points at U.S. Citizens Under Martial Law, and Seems a Bit Happy About It

She seems to be a bit happy about the idea, no? She’s ready to shoot people if they break curfew.

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  1. For those of you who’ve been wondering why the military hasn’t done their sworn duty and rid us of the communists inside the wire, here’s your reason…

  2. Weird how we never heard shit like this before open homosexuals and women were allowed in combat. Not saying the sentiment wasn’t there before, but I reckon Don’t Ask Don’t Tell covered a lot of territory back then, and men were still men. But thanks for piping up, Private Rapinoe. Target acauired.

  3. Bring it on cunt licker.

    We have guns too, and we actually practice with them. You are too busy with socialist training to know how to shoot.

  4. Sounds more like a member of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army than the United States Army.

    So, anyone still waiting for the cops and the Armed Forces to live up to their oaths?
    Holding your breath?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Sounds like the angry dyke is excited to see the Constitution ripped apart and to get to shoot Americans.
    Spiritually and mentally messed up young lady there.
    After posting that in normal times she’d be getting a dishonorable but being a homosexual and communist wannabe will get her special duty.

  6. I doubt that she is active duty. And I imagine we’ll find out
    eventually because someone that knows her will let the cat out
    of the bag.
    But as a reminder to soldier Bronson, “Incoming fire has right
    of way”.

  7. Well, we now know what general Mark Millie’s daughter looks like.
    Hey Butch, study up on the history of fragging, not fagging.

  8. @ christy944, still just as bad.
    She would have been better off ignoring that video she was commenting on. She ended up saying stupid things.

  9. PS do not go to she/her tiktok page, it’s pathetic and at the same time terrifying she is still in the service and somebody thought it was a good idea to make she/her an NCO.

  10. Hopefully you will go down early and your weapons used against other troops that would shoot those they’re supposed to defend.
    Disgusting Traitors all.

  11. @beachmom I agree, she’s an awful probably very unhappy person, but I don’t like it when the other side takes things out of context to fit their agenda and don’t think it’s a smart move for @ travis4congress to not check before posting and at least link or reference the full post.

  12. There are probably a lot of people in this country who have never had military training who have put more rounds down range that many members of the military.

  13. She would have felt right at home in the 1939 Schutzstaffel. They pointed guns at fellow citizens too. And a lot worse.

  14. Same old Nazis in a different uniform.
    At least my generation will get to shoot some national socialists of our own.

  15. Another reason we shouldn’t let mentally impaired lesbians in the military.
    Shen seems eager to become OUR enemy.

  16. The more someone talks tough usually the weaker they are. She-thing would drop her gun and run. Remember that woman in Iraq that they tried to make a hero like she fought off Iraqis only to find out she was terrified and did nothing this is the same type of chickenshit.

  17. Gosh Wally, with a voice like Don Knotts she sure is scary and intimidating!

    No kiddin Beave, I’ll bet she screams like him too!

  18. If anyone would try to give orders for the military to fire on US civilians it would be the inept Commander in Thief and General incompetent, well read, Milley.

  19. just shows homos are mentally ill in the first place. Pretending these unbalanced folks are normal was mistake #1. next will be the beastiality folks then the pedos and so on until ever mentally disturbed lib has their day in the. for now, fuck off DYKE and go munch Rapinoe

  20. Here we have a Butch mansplaining like she has a pair. If she had the opportunity I wager she would only aim at men.

  21. Goldenfoxx August 27, 2021 at 10:05 am

    A dyke behind a gun, what could go wrong?

    A sharp shooter will take her down. Plenty of military trained civilians out here. She’ll learn real fast about war zones. Wait until she comes face-to-face with a crowd of gang bangers. She’ll be used like the muzzies use goats.

  22. So she Verbaly and Publicly has violated her Oath of Service…time to Cortmarshal and Dishonorable Discharge her!

  23. “…you become the enemy.”
    Fair enough, as long as your realize that YOU just created a huge fucking problem. For yourself.

  24. Cindy Bronson is kinda sexy with her, “this is my rifle, this is my gun,” schtick. The full video is interesting:


    Whoops! Sorry. Wrong link. Sort of.


    It’s also kinda hot the way she’s sitting there in a pose like Vincent D’Onofrio in his last scene in, “Full Metal Jacket.”

    On a side note, the book, “On Killing,” describes the difficulty soldiers have historically had with taking life, (even in self defense;) which the U.S. military has overcome to a great extent with operant conditioning. Of course, about two-percent of the population, (i.e. psychopaths and sociopaths,) are NOT troubled with said difficulties. Is Cindy a two-percenter?

  25. Please realize that she has probably never had or expressed a thought that was her own. She has been indoctrinated from birth. Those were NOT her words, but words that have been part of her “military training” I am sure. I’m also sure that there are other military members with the same mindset, from the top down. They are planning and likely training for the exact scenario she expressed in her video.
    My hope is that she and her ilk are still outnumbered in the military and that those true patriots will uphold their oath and take appropriate action.

  26. 21 years ago WE elected a woke President. I’ve said here many times, military is no longer pro American.

    There are some military and police that are fo Americans; but most of these have been forced out. Were the police pro American Ashli Babbitt’s assassin whole have been shot 8.5 months ago! That he lives says 5×5 (LOUD AND CLEAR) police do not like Americans!

  27. The first round would be a special one that would turn her into a human bonfire. After she ran in circles begging for death, she’d meet the same fate that many Nazis did from the greatest battle implement ever devised.

  28. Clearly an evil fucking dyke cunt. Nobody help her when she runs into reality and lies bleeding out on the ground. What a fucking piece of shit, trying to intimidate US citizens while in a US Army uniform. If she isn’t court martial-ed over this, then the DoD is completely fucked and dangerous to US citizens at this point.

  29. She doesn’t realize while she is doing that to me and my loved ones, some other brainwashed, uniformed, scum will doing the same thing to her loved ones and neighbors. How it be to come home and find her family bleeding out on the front lawn? Bet they didn’t cover that in WOKE training.

  30. What’s next from the top leaders in our military? Anybody that says slow Joe’s Afghan withdraw was an intentional death trap will be considered a terrorist?

  31. She may need to be told that we also have guns, and that once the military decides I’m the “enemy”, all bets are off and I’ll treat their occupation the same way things went down in the original Red Dawn movie. As will a few million other Americans.

  32. Remember the live by the sword warning from Jesus?
    Same could happen to you. So you have to think twice before hiding behind your weapon. You should not be in the army. Should be kicked out, after you are held accountable for this stunt.

  33. Ignorant cunt lapper would probably crap in her BDUs the first time she heard a real gun go off in her direction. Bet it doesn’t even know which end the bullets come out of. Happiness is a fine red mist!

  34. GI Pronoun Jane is proof unstable individuals should not be involved in the military.
    Their priority will always be how to satisfy thier pathological psychosis.

    The mentally ill are NOT rational enough to stay focused on an objective beyond their delusions.
    It is very unlikely now but, Queers/LGBT etc. should be disqualified from military service, like it was years ago, because they’re too easily compromised.

  35. Biden my time till its necessary to do what must be done. I’m a long haired Metal Guitar Player, pretty moderate compared to my friends. All my mags been loaded since last september, Rifles regularly oiled… I am ready for whatever I need to be ready for.
    Aim for the heads and or necks. Triple tap to make sure that are not a threat anymore, then on to the next. Remember to get lists of local Woke Professors and pols places of residence. Bring them a big slice of reality

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