Vindman The Source For “Whistleblower”

As dull and unwatchable as the House Intel Committee impeachment inquiry has been, there has been the occasional shaft of sunlight suddenly illuminating a relevant fact. Example, today Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman all but openly admitted that he was the one who talked with the whistleblower who then filed the complaint that got started the clown show. More

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  1. Him and his brother are both Russian agents in our National Security Council. No surprise he’s the source of the trouble.

  2. “LTC” Vindman needs to be court martialed under UCMJ for conduct unbecoming and sedition, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, reduced in rank to PV1, and given the Big Chicken Dinner (Bad Conduct Discharge).
    Jail time at Ft Levenworth is optional.

    How DARE he besmirch my beloved Army that I used to be a proud member of (retired 20 years ago).

  3. I’m not comfortable with someone who was born a Soviet citizen having access to national security information and being privy to Executive correspondence. The Soviets rarely allowed anyone to leave their “worker’s paradise” unless they had a specific purpose in mind.

    But perhaps I’m just being old school paranoid.

  4. How the holy hell does a fruity looking and duplicitous acting toad make it to the rank of Lt Col in the American Army, especially one who does not obey military rules and strays outside the authorized chain of command?

  5. I knew he was the leaker on the first day, showing in regalia. He’s Ukranian, I think his father is still in Kiev. That SOB is loyal to the Ukraine, not to the US.

  6. “For a military man he sure is …fluffy.”

    Is that why Carpe Donktum is calling him “Lieutenant Colonel Bearclaw”?

  7. The first time I saw him some days ago my first, gut-reaction was: He looks like a Russian Agent who is playing the role of an American military officer.

    The Deep State is writing “scripts” for people to act out and play a “role” to destroy our president. They are likely paid handsomely with money from the Clinton Foundation, Soros, or 0bama – with cash he received as kick-back from the billion he sent to Iran.

    Blasey-Ford played the role of the victim in the script for the final assault on Kavanaugh. Nothing that was claimed could be corroborated – because it was all made-up. All of these Impeachment Witnesses are no different; they know nothing but they’ve agreed to play a role to fashion a narrative. They’re simply making shit up. It’s the ultimate False Flag. This charade does not speak of a Democrat Party that is winning with the American people. Desperate people do things like this.

  8. And we wonder how a doofus like Wilhem Klink made it to the rank of colonel and we have a Vindman and wonder again!

  9. 1) I do not believe a real military man would insist on being called by his rank. Seems unbecoming.

    2) Why does the “whistleblower”, which is an inaccurate term since there is no inappropriate conduct being proven, get to be anonymous and potentially allowed to take down a president? He should be outed to face questioning.

  10. That was awkward until Schiff reminded everyone that he bribed Vinman to protect the whistleblower. Good save.

  11. I heard Rush say he was offered the position of Military Adviser for Ukraine 3 times. Sounds dodgy to me.

    This man wouldnt strike fear into the hearts of the enemy as he would never get close enough to them

  12. @Glen Glenn, he kissed the right asses.

    I think it’s bullshit that we have people involved with our security that are dual citizens.


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