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We’re Not China, We’re Not Italy

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  1. There are many, many science experts, who are slowly being revealed, that do not agree with the official narrative being given about the virus.

    A paper was written by a Yale professor saying that the shutdowns/stay at home orders are not the best way to deal with this. And it was signed by 800 credentialed people, with most of them being doctors and epidemiologists.

    We are only getting the deep state, big gov’t, clintonista, obama bootlicker version in the msm. And then we’re supposed to pretend that that is the only real science.

    And the cuck republicans in congress are only too happy to fall all over themselves to go along with the official version.

    And, unfortunately, it’s just one more example of Trump having in place one of the treacherous resistance in a place that he should never be. I’m talking about the fauci guy. He’s a never trumper and he’s determined to shut down the economy for as long as he can get away with.
    Fauci didn’t give a rats ass when 10-20 thousand people died from swine flu when obama was illigitimately holding office.

  2. The media characterization — “EEEEEK! Social distancing, keep everything closed because otherwise Grandma will get infected” — is propaganda.

    The purpose of all of these extraordinarily expensive shutdowns is to SLOW DOWN the rate of infection.

    Not to keep Grandma from getting infected.

    Keep that in mind when listening to the idiot media about “weighing economics” against Grandma’s life, and similar rot.

    The numbers of people expected to get infected is the same under the “flatter curve” as it is under the quick, high curve, and a tested vaccine will not be available soon enough to prevent that.

    The point of SLOWING DOWN the rate of infection primarily is to not “overwhelm” the medical system, and secondarily to have time to get treatments lined up.

    But this is only expected to “save” some portion of the relatively small number of people who get a severe respiratory reaction from COVID-19.

    The purpose of not overwhelming medical system, rather, is to make sure that it is available for everything else.

    So when weighing the economics versus the “spread”, it isn’t about saving Grandma.

    Some same portion of Grandmas and everyone else is going to get infected. It’s only a question of “when”.

    And they probably will be fine, like 99% (or more) of people who get infected. The rest will not be fine, just like they are not fine getting the flu, and just like the tens of thousands of feeble or elderly who die from pneumonia every year, and we don’t devastate the economy or destroy the United States or constitutional rights because of that.

    Sorry, I know it’s better propaganda to make people think that they are going to “save Grandma from COVID-19”. It’s a twist on a standard propaganda theme: if just one life is saved…

    The truth is that we must limit the economic havoc so that it is not a Pyrrhic “victory” and remember that the “shutdowns” are solely in order to make sure that people with other health issues or accidents have medical care providers available.

    So it’s important to understand that just as soon as the medical system “can handle” the numbers of severely impacted COVID-19 patients coming in, have their masks, have their ventilators, have their beds… everything MUST start up again.

    It is simply not about “saving Grandma”.

  3. The same people who brought us the Wuhan Corona-Virus Hysteria are also the same who push the Globaloney Warming Bullshit Scam, Inc.
    Hmmm …

    No, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy … but there may be collusion.
    A collusion of interests, so to speak. And that $2 Trillion grab-bag-of-swag will fatten a lot of connected wallets.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. @ Tim

    And just like the Warmunists…These Folks want something to bad happen

    just so They can be proven right !

  5. The big deal is that this virus is new and there is no immunity.

    In 2 to 3 months there will still be no immunity.

    By the fall, Here we Go Again!

    Unfortunately, it has to work its way around the world until our bodies will catch it, recognize it and build up natural immunity. (natural antibodies)

    A Doctor friend of mine says that even if we get a vaccine, it will mutate over time, that we will need re-vaccinations in the future. (i don’t know)

    What I Do want to know is now they are saying it has hit quite a few young people.
    Do they have any other underlying conditions or factors:
    VAPING, Steroid use, smoking, drug problems, asthsma, anything.

    The Doctors & media do not seem to want to discuss the young people that get effected. They just push the fear factor.

    Ps: for a laugh check out Youtube “China is asshole – gang nam style re-mix” (something like that) 2 plus minute music video of a Hong Kong protestor calling “China is Asshole”
    Been humming it for days!


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