Trump Suggests Legacy Media Should Have Their FCC Licenses Challenged

This was in response to NBC pushing a fake news story that Trump wanted to increase our nuclear arsenal TENFOLD.

The story was a complete fabrication.

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  1. That’s why we voted for him, and like him. He fights! He wins too. Don’t let up President Trump, you’re winning!

  2. Get ready for the furrowed brows to discuss what he means by “challenge” and why wasn’t it in quotation marks. Freakin idiots will be stuck in that tarbaby for days.

  3. They’ll cry First Amendment, antifa, BLM, + ignorant adults at college will riot.

    OK maybe they’ll also get arrested and jailed. I’m a dreamer.

  4. The networks don’t have a license from the FCC. Only their owned and operated stations do. But that’s the top markets in the US, so yank those licenses, and the networks will suffer financially.

  5. Ya know what? I’m still not even close to being tired of winning ! Keep the wins coming. Thank you Mr. President. P.S. Love the Tweets

  6. CNN is the worst on cable but CBS wins worst of the majors. Considering Stephen Colbert and a James Corden take turns being Weinstein’s cockholsters.

  7. In defense of the networks I suspect that they’re being worked over by their “sources” who plant the half-truths to reporters all too happy to hear anything anti-Trump. This doesn’t forgive the networks because part of their responsibility is to vet or to at least determine the level of honesty each of their deep-throats have and they’ve done a piss poor job at this. In addition they have a responsibility to print the news without comment or editorial (there’s a separate page for that) and that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Look at the difference between any Trump story and the Harvey Weinstein Mess. They all knew that Weinstein was a rapist and a serial sexual molester yet made the decision not to report on it but will report on anything, anything at all that darkens Trump’s reputation. Hell, it took the NYT of all places to break the story. The TIMES for petes sake. Where was Fox on this? The President shouldn’t discuss lifting broadcast licenses but if each American wrote a letter of complaint to the FTC citing instances of fake-news or bias reporting (not editorials, but actual news item reporting) then they would be compelled to act. In the meantime the networks better start vetting those “sources” and maybe leaking the ones that have fed them fake-news.

  8. There’s this thing called journalistic integrity. Just because you claim to be a journalist or are employed by a supposed journalistic organization doesn’t mean you have integrity, you have to actually prove your own by holding yourself to the standard of researching and supporting your stories.

  9. There is no way that the founding fathers could have imagined technology such as television or the internet. If individual gun owners have to pass a background check and get a license then we must apply that standard to journalists.

    Additionally, if any libshit freaks out on you about this just ask them if they remember when Chuck Schumer threatened to pull ABC’s licence if they didn’t pull a scene from there 9/11 drama showing that Bubba Bill had the chance to take out Bin Laden, but gave a stand down order. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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