2020 Deval Patrick Cancels Atlanta Event After Only 2 People Show Up


Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick was forced to cancel a campaign event Wednesday night after only two people showed up.

Patrick, who entered the primary field too late to qualify for the MSNBC debate in Atlanta, was scheduled to speak across town at a campaign event at Morehouse College, a historically black university. He cancelled the event after only two students showed up, according to CNN reporter Annie Grayer.

“Governor @DevalPatrick was supposed to have an event at Morehouse College tonight,” Grayer reported. “An organizer with the college who planned the event told CNN that Patrick cancelled the event when he arrived and learned that he would not have an audience. (Note, two people came, not pictured).” read more

22 Comments on 2020 Deval Patrick Cancels Atlanta Event After Only 2 People Show Up

  1. A pretty clear message if you ask me –
    Deval Patrick
    Give up!
    You have no right to be here.
    And whether you can hear it or not,
    The university is laughing behind your back.

  2. I know build a faux Greek coliseum, it worked for the Great One.
    I noticed he speaks very effeminately and looks like he was wearing lipstick in his announcement video. Sure didn’t come onto the scene in a big way.

  3. Thinking rather that this was poorly organized. You can always get people to come to an event for the freebies and refreshments.

  4. …that’s about how many people VOTED for him, too, but you know, Democrats gotta Democrat, especially when they count the votes…

  5. …If that’s what a Black man gets at a Black collitch, I guess the bloom is REALLY of that whole “Black Man Running” thing…

    “The Rev. Joseph Lowery spoke at a rally Saturday in Georgia. According to an account in the Monroe County Reporter, “Lowery said that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell. Then he mellowed and just said most of them were.

    “Now, he said, he is back to where he was,” according to the newspaper.

    “I don’t know what kind of a n—– wouldn’t vote with a black man running,” he also told the audience in the St. James Baptist Church in Forsyth, Ga., according to the paper.”


    …seems Black folk aren’t even into you there, Govie, again I say to you…


  6. What counts is the candidate’s “war chest”. Voters are overrated. The Democrats are working hard to take them out of the loop entirely to prevent errors like 2016.

  7. Someone with a Cray Supercomputer at home, help me. How many events does he need to schedule to reach 64 million voters?

  8. Dreams dancing in his head, “I’ll call Trump a racist for 30 minutes, and the media will see me getting a standing ovation with black faces, and I’ll be on television!”


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