And I should support the Star Wars franchise Why???

I’ve said it many times on this blog. Star Wars? Really?

Saw the first one and really didn’t care for it. Every sequel afterward was one that I could blissfully ignore.

It’s made by libstains, with libstain actors and after Mark Hamill’s idiotic statement I feel vindicated.

Mark Hamill calls Trump’s Cabinet ‘a who’s-who of really despicable people.’

What was his character’s name? Puke?

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  1. The only things I appreciated in the first movie were the special effects, and whoever decided to do C3PO as a pansy-assed robot.

    The subsequent editions were unremarkable except for their banal attempts at morality here and there, and some excruciatingly bad characters.

    Oh, yes, a reminder to DJT’s staff and cabinet: it is as good to be despised by the despicable as honored by the honorable.

  2. He’s just feeling pretty good about himself because he wasn’t killed off in
    Star Wars XIV: ” Is anyone still watching this?”

    I see Ham Solo is keeping pretty quiet lately.

  3. I can honestly say I’ve never watched a whole Stars Wars movie. It’s not because I’ve boycotted it, I just never really cared for scifi. Over ther years, like most of us, I’ve stayed away from those assholes just because they are Hollywood.

  4. Sadly Mark Hamill isn’t aware of the message of the first movie about the evil murderous tyrant and now happily lives on the Death Star.

  5. Funny how liberals can’t even come up with a clever or cunning critique. Good thing reliable name calling always gets them attention.

  6. Star wars was the very first filum I ever saw in a real movie theater and as a 7 year old I was absolutely awestruck. I still love the whole genre for the special effects.
    I couldn’t give a shit about the story line – never did

  7. Hey, I was about 7 years old too. Did we go to the same thee ay ter? lol.
    Actually, I saw Star Wars overseas in Tokyo. It got there about a month or two later, I believe. yes, there were lines around the block.

  8. Mark Hamster is almost a has been who never was. Why do these people think anyone cares about their political opinions? Oh, right! They supported the Obumbler back in 2008 and again in 2012. This proves that they learned nothing from eight of the worst years in modern American history. Now, they want to criticize the same people who are supposed to buy overpriced movie tickets to watch them pretend to act. If enough voters stop buying tickets to De Nero’s, Clooney’s and Hank’s movies, they might STFU. I have never paid to see a movie with Hanoi Jane Fonda in it since she turned her coat, and I am beginning to feel the same way about all these other smug Obama/Clinton supporters.

  9. MJA I saw it at Sundale on the QLD Gold Coast (home at the time). Was the movie subtitled in Japanese or subtitled in English?

  10. Gold Coast. Ooh nice! Did they translate it into Austrian? 0bama wants to know. haha!
    I was in Tokyo as a military brat. The movie was in English on base and off. Japanese people tend to like to learn English, but I’m sure it was translated as well. Because more $$$ made that way.

  11. @MJA Sean Cassidy. David Cassidy’s goofier brother and co star on The Hardy Boys with Parker Stevenson. Sean’s hair feathered better but I liked Parker best. 😉

    Oh Star Wars. I learned to draw people by copying my Star Wars collectible cards and posters. The original trilogy is great but the rest-prequels-whatever are almost unwatchable- even with Ewan Macgregor! The newest movie…nifty set, character design and FX…story is retread.

    Mark Hamill’s career is a of a voice over actor for video games and B movies. He should be thankful he’s been hired for the reboots- he could easily be replaced by a robot. It would show a wider range of expression.

    “I have a bad feeling about this.”

  12. Yeah, nice place to grow up. I’m not sure I would have understood Austrian but most Aussie kids grew up bilingual (English and American) thanks to Sesame Street.

  13. The original Star Wars had stunning visual effects for the time, but the story was essentially cowboys and indians in space and the acting was mediocre. But the point of the subsequent films in the series can actually be best summed up by Yogurt in Space Balls – “merchandising.” Even a minor character like Boba Fett generated action figures, although Jar Jar Binks was one of the biggest merchandising failures and he was later effectively elimnated from future films.

  14. Believe it or not, when I finaly got to visit here in my thirties I was blown away by simple things like yellow school buses and red, above ground fire hydrants. Just like Sesame Street!

  15. The first three films back in the seventies and eighties were good. It’s just that as the years have rolled by, we have been fortunate to see the real people who are the actors ( and all of the other Hollywood trash. ) for who they are. Back in “Return of the Jedi”, Jabba the Hutt was the best thing since the USS Enterprise was on NBC. Heck me and my friends were setting up a business plan for a whole industry of theme restaurants based on his immenseness.

  16. Mark Hamill has always been a shitty actor. What has he done before or after Star Wars? Corvette Summer? BFD. If he hadn’t stumbled into the Star Wars franchise he’d be a “never was”. At least Harrison Ford was a versatile actor (he is a complete douche and arrogant asshole, but a reasonably good actor). Hamill? Who cares.

  17. If they had used Barry White’s voice over James Earl Jones, Princess Leah would have gone to the Dark side long ago…..

  18. Star Wars = Kabuki theatre
    Not impressed.
    Hamill should consult a jedi before making stupid comments and proving his ignorance.

  19. I’d bet money little Hamill lives in a $500k duplex in Ventura. What else has the midget done to make money. He’s just a retarded mother fucker trying to earn the creds to hang with George Looney.

  20. i liked the first 3 starwars. Solo, princess (nipples and bouncy boobs) the wookie, darth, the prince. The only letdown was Hamills acting.

    He should have shut up then too.

  21. Mrs Galt and I have seen most of the Star Wars stuff.

    My main takeaway from it all is that the Storm Troopers needed more range time….a lot more range time.

  22. The original three movies were good. The three made with the idiotic characters like Jar Jar Binks and the young Darth Vader being so freaking whiny it made you want to slap him, were not.

    I like them because they are entertaining.

    I won’t go see this though. So tired of these actors who think pretending for a living makes them somehow superior to the rest of us.
    I did read that the producers are concerned about ticket sales because of Hamill’s stupid mouthing off about politics.

    The most current Star Trek did horribly after some of its stars opened their ignorant libidiot mouths.

  23. Went to the premier at the Chinese theater in Hollywood in 1977 loved the film. But,I prefer Star Trek for its cultural relevance and the fact that Trek is the thinking man’s Star Wars! Have you noticed that no one in the Stars Wars universe knows how to read! In Trek characters are seen reading or even citing Shakespeare or Sun Tsu,but in Star Wars only the robots know how to read. Luke Skywalker is illiterate!!!

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