Because of the TV Series Chernobyl, Let’s Revisit KiddofSpeed

I haven’t been to this site in over ten years, but I thought about it because Dan Bongino talks about the series “Chernobyl” so much.

Without reading the site again, my best recollection is that this woman is the daughter of a scientist in Russia who has security clearance to enter the Ghost City – the areas around Chernobyl that are complete ghost towns. What she does is ride her motorcycle as fast as she can through the area in order to not get hit with too much radiation as she explores. She documents what she finds.

The roads are very low in radiation because of rain, but if she wipes out and lands in the weeds, she could die from the amount of radiation she would absorb.

In her travels she’s run across thriving pockets of wildlife, and even people who never evacuated and somehow survived.

She goes into buildings and sees evidence of people who evacuated in a moment’s notice – right in the middle of ironing pants.

The site is fascinating.

3 Comments on Because of the TV Series Chernobyl, Let’s Revisit KiddofSpeed

  1. Thought it was once called “Riding Through Chernobyl?

    I checked my archives sometime last year for no particular reason. Interesting gal.

  2. What is the bigger evil? How about all the pollutants created by making solar and wind energy? What are you going to do when it comes time to deal with that? Bury it in the Nevada desert cave that was made for spent uranium?


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