Chicago: Safe Passage program expands to 14 more schools

FOX32: SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE – Students from 14 more Chicago Public Schools will now benefit from the Safe Passage program designed to keep kids safe on their way to and from school.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CPS officials announced Sunday that the program will be expanded to include 14 more elementary schools: Sidney Sawyer, Ashe, Frazier International Magnet, Park Manor, Morrill Math & Science, Myra Bradwell, Richard J. Daley, McKay, Joplin, Lewis, Martha M Ruggles, Irma C Ruiz, Sherman School of Excellence and Warren Park.

The Board of Education are expected to vote Wednesday to increase spending authority for Safe Passage by $1 million to pay for the expansion, according to a statement from the mayor’s office and CPS

The Safe Passage program began with 35 schools in 2009. It will now serve more than 75,000 students at 159 schools. The program involves 1,400 Safe Passage personnel trained by the CPS Office of Safety and Security. read more

7 Comments on Chicago: Safe Passage program expands to 14 more schools

  1. How the f*ck can Rahm be proud of that??? Chicago is a blood drenched murder fest that gets worse each year under Democrat administration and none of its citizens even seem to care.

  2. The elephant in the room is the violence that permeates that city. That is the problem they refuse to address.

  3. “program involves 1,400 Safe Passage personnel trained by the CPS”
    That sounds like trouble. More involvement for children with the CPS. Mission creep comes to mind. Hope those 1,400 are Honorable.

  4. How about they just go full force to clean up the crime and murders? What a sad statement that we have to to provide “safe psssage” for kids to get to the schools

    Those kids also need safe passage in the schools and relief from the poor teachers protected by the CTU

    The democrats have turned CHICAGO into one of those shitholes we heard about. Shame on you u


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