God Bless the USA

True confession. I never really cared for the Lee Greenwood song “God Bless the USA.” I like the lyrics, the point of the song, etc. I just never felt it held up as a great song, one that had nice production values.

Well, Mr. Greenwood remade the song, with the help of some fantastic singers.

This. This is a great recording.

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. I appreciate the Sentiment, but these “singers from all over the place singing together over the internet” bothers me. Have you ever noticed on a cable news channel when the in-studio host asks a question, the person in the remote location looks silly after the question is asked until the question finally reaches him?

    There is no way people in remote locations can be in sync with each other over the internet. Want to do a test? Call your cell phone from your land line and see what happens.

    I’m sorry but I just feel that they are handing me a con job.

  2. Way better than the old version.

    I put it into some big speakers and cranked it up.

    Goosebumps. There’s your sign!

  3. RadioMattM, you have a point, but I like this better than someone putting on a cowboy hat and hollering into the mike. Just because you can make the same noise, loudly, for a long time, doesn’t make you an enjoyable singer.

  4. didn’t Greenwood whine about PDT using this song at rally’s?

    … please correct me if I’m wrong in this assumption

    (& this is a better rendition)

  5. @Molon — I don’t know about that. I thought Greenwood opened a lot of his rallies personally. But if he did object, I bet he isn’t anymore. 🙂

  6. RadioMattM, for these types of productions, each person singing hears the pre-recorded music in their earphones and sings their part. The video and audio files are then all edited in a studio.

    It’s the same way all the movies are done – the actors do their lines in different order wherever they are on location, and the editor puts them together in order with the background noises and music.

  7. Claudia: that makes sense, but these videos always present it to appear that everyone is at their particular location and they are doing it together.

    The first one of these was The Weight featuring Robbie Robertson and Ringo Starr. https://youtu.be/ph1GU1qQ1zQ
    I enjoyed it, but the way they made it appear as though everyone were doing it all together at the same time just rubbed me the wrong way – especially when several of these people are also playing instruments.

  8. Yes, I can see how they made it look that way with Ringo “talking” to them just before they play.

    The one I saw was a few years ago and they explained how they did it (editing it in their studio). It was more like what we have been seeing lately (with the church choirs) and this one.

  9. Definitely an improvement! I like the original, but this version has awesome harmonies performed by very talented singers. However, should have done the video without the plandemic masks.

  10. This one is ok but I like the original best, am I the only one? I’m saying for a Trump rally anyway.

  11. Turned it on.

    Saw the masks.

    Turned it OFF.

    Don’t sing to me about freedom when you willingly dress like a slave.

  12. I first heard the song while working with SFOD-D at Ft. Bragg and it was played at the remembrance gathering for “Micky”. A lot of tears that day by some of the toughest snake eaters on the planet.

    Micky was a much loved member and he had died when his chute malfunctioned at a Jump out in Raeford.

    So even if they change the tune I’ll keep and play the old version.
    Because, it played was also played at other funerals honoring our Heroes, which I was privileged to attended.

  13. Love Home Free. Going to their August concert, as long as Herr WHitler doesn’t shut it down.
    This song with HF, Mr Greenwood and the US Air Force Band is awesome.

  14. Adam Rupp, Home Free’s vocal percussionist supplies the sound of a flyover at the end but a visual in the video would have been amazing.

  15. Fur, I can’t stop listening to this. Truly spectacular. I had heard Home Free do “How Great Thou Art” and bought it a while back. But this is on another level. And remotely! Thanks so much for some goodness amidst all the rancor.


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