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How does one say, “Facepalm” in Greek?

ATHENS (Reuters) –

Athens’s half a million Muslims are set to get their first official mosque in more than a century.

The city has not had a formal mosque since it drove out occupying Ottomans in 1833, and Deputy Foreign Minister Ioannis Amanantidis told parliament last year that it was the only European capital “to be deprived of such a religious space”.

For years Muslims have resorted to praying in hundreds of makeshift sites, in crowded basements or dark warehouses targeted by racist attackers.

In May, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared building a mosque long overdue. The government, he said, would push ahead “out of respect for the Muslim residents in our capital, but also because we are obliged to actively defend our values.”

The new mosque – a 1,000 square meter building without a minaret, split over two levels – is expected to be ready in April in an old naval base in an industrial, rundown part of Athens.

“We need the mosque for our new generation, for our youth … to feel equal in law, equal in society,” said Greece’s Muslim Association spokeswoman Anna Stamou, a Greek who converted to Islam.  MORE

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  1. The Muslims have been to Athens ONCE already, and you threw them out. Really think they’ve changed since then?

  2. OK, well, at least the muzz aren’t going to loot and destroy an Orthodox church for their building site. Ahem, at least not for the first one..

  3. Every Greek American I know is a hard-core leftie. The ones they left behind are worse. Greek taggers can spray paint a perfect hammer and sickle in half a second. And they do. Everywhere. The only surprise is how long it took them to make their pact with muslims, like the rest of their antifa brethren.

  4. Interesting news since today the Greeks are considering moving from the Euro to the US Dollar. I guess they need all the money they can get from Islam. Facepalm

  5. @Thirdtwin, many GAs are lefties but some of us are more conservative than you could possibly be.
    @DrRiff, please complete your review of history, specifically the 1921 massacre of Smyrna, in current Turkey. Read until you get to the part where the world powers betrayed Greece after encouraging them to fight the Ottomans, and how ships of the great world powers (Britain, France, the US and Japan) stayed in the harbor watching, but refused to save helpless citizens, mostly Christians, as the Turks burned down their city, killing innocent civilians by the tens of thousands, after raping most of the women.

    The grandfather I was named for, fought in both World Wars, in the second even though he was a father of three. Upon his return home, as mayor of his town, he was imprisoned by the invading Nazis for a month, and barely escaped execution. Greece was used by all parties, the Axis (see the unprovoked Italian invasion) and the Allies. Even the US abused Greece, both in its post-war cold war against Communism and quest for middle east petroleum. Importantly you should know that Greece lost 10% of its population in WWII and the ensuing famine. A higher % than Japan or Italy. and it played no role in the conflict other than victim.

    My take is your anti-muslim sentiment, with which I wholly concur, would be better directed at the EU, particularly the wealthy far-left pussy nations, who push around puny, pauper members such as Greece. The EU has pressured Greece for years to permit refuges to pour over its vulnerable borders (try building a wall around 10,000 islands) and to cowtow to islam. And in recent border disputes, the EU only weakly defends Greek sovereignty. (because the Germans love cheap Turkish laborers–sound familiar?)

    I do agree with you that the Greeks left behind are further left politically than those like my family who immigrated (in full legal fashion) to America. The lure of liberty and economic opportunity drew my family away from post civil war Greece, after the Russians’ and US’ war games irreversibly damaged it.

    Sorry to preach, but COUNTLESS Greeks, even in the modern era, have died for freedom and justice for thousands of years. To a greater degree than any other group in History. Ask Truman.

  6. Greeks have always been Greece’s worst enemy.
    Read Thucydides, Herodotus, Xenophon, … &c.

    Can’t seem to draw a bucket of milk without putting a shitty foot in it.

    Produce some of the greater thinkers and generals in the World and then kill them through envy. So sad.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. @ Anonymous

    I have completed my review of history and what I have found is that every nation that has allowed savage muslims freely into their country has resulted in the killing innocent civilians by the tens of thousands, after raping most of the women.

    With the history you pointed out, why would they allow such savagery into their country again? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. (maybe I’m nuts, or maybe just observant)

  8. @DrRiff, where is Greece located? It’s easy to pontificate about ideals under a palm tree a world away.
    Look at us in the US. Why are we so soft on islam despite our commanding power and knowledge of history?
    The phrases “Freedom or Death” and “better one hour of life with freedom instead of 40 yrs (a lifetime) of slavery and imprisonment” were spoken by ancient and more recent Greeks.

    @Tim, points very well made. Upon his death Alexander the Great was mocked. But my point was in response to the remarks made here.
    “Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas.”

    Rather than bash the current citizens of the weak modern Greece, why not take up the mantle of 300 Spartans or even phil-Hellenes like Lord Byron ?? It’s like clobbering a thieve who steals to feed a starving infant while excusing a wealthy miser who steals for greed.
    Or, if you will, the country that defiled the world for 8 years with a fraud Preznit Obola shouldn’t cast stones at those it leaves hapless on the front lines. Would you agree?

  9. Yup, they’ze phucking up. How is it
    racism when you are defending your life
    and property against a legal invasion

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