I went back in time and killed Jorge Emanuelson – You’re Welcome


Update: WiscoDave sent in another Hitler related “thing.”. (I won’t call them jokes as much as they are thought provoking panels. Hitler is nothing to joke about.)

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  1. The original inventor of the fidget spinner…. thank you…. looks like someone else stole the idea though….

  2. I’d like to go back in time and kill the fool who brought slaves to America

  3. “If someone really had changed the past, how would we know?”
    You wouldn’t.
    So, did it *REALLY* change?

    No Paradoxes.
    No Co-incidences.
    No Unintended Consequences.

    Time moves like an expanding sphere, originating at the “Big Bang (and the Lord said “Light!”)” and as it has no form it cannot be traversed. The intervals of time do seem to be diminishing, but that could be simply a manifestation of the mind, and not of reality (the older we get the shorter time seems to be). And this could actually explain the “red shift” observed in the Universe. We assume time is our metric, and thus ds/dt increases but what if time isn’t static? What if time is decreasing? Then ds/dt still increases, and we are unable to discern the difference. Or what if both ds AND dt are changing, proportionally?

    It wobbles the mind of the plumber.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Time travel would necessarily include space travel, since it would be necessary to travel through space to arrive on the earth at the particular point in time it happened to be in space.
    Not holding my breath….

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