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Jill Biden’s ex-husband writes a tell-all book

Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Exposes Joe’s Adulterous Affair, Lies, And Campaign Bribery.

National File :New Book Will Reveal Massive New Details Before The Election.

Jill Biden’s ex-husband Bill Stevenson has completed an autobiographical book manuscript to be published before November’s election in which he devotes 80 pages to new bombshell details about Joe and Jill Biden, NATIONAL FILE has exclusively learned.

The book claims that Joe and Jill began their romance in Delaware earlier than they have publicly stated, while Jill was still married to Stevenson, and that their affair led Stevenson to break up his marriage to Jill.

“The affair between Joe Biden and my ex-wife Jill started in 1974 when we were still married, not in 1975 as the Biden official story claims,” Bill Stevenson exclusively tells NATIONAL FILE. Stevenson noted that both he and Jill knew Joe Biden even earlier than that, having helped him with his 1972 Senate campaign. Bill Stevenson donated money to the Biden 1972 campaign. A millionaire businessman who donated car defibrillators to the NYPD, Stevenson now wants to get the truth out about Joe Biden’s stunning past misdeeds. more

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  1. The chickens are coming home to roost. What was done in private will soon be revealed for all eyes to see and it won’t be pretty for lying joey. He’s as big a phony and liar as barry was and just as bad or worse to lead this country, God forbid.

  2. The only question is how much will the demicretins pay for all the publishing rights so that book never sees the light of day?

  3. So we learn Joe Biden has been a lying scumbag for all of his life and not just recently. No wonder his kids are A-holes like their idiot father.

  4. Click the link….. it is worth the read.

    At the very end it tells you that a personal interview is being conducted at this moment by the author of the tell all book and will be released next month.

    So, biden has been a complete scumbag publicly since 1974 when he began his political career by fucking the wife of one of his donors and personal friends and then he moved on to children.

    This sick pedo has earned his place in hell right beside McStain and I bet that if the truth is told he was a pervert from birth.

  5. I wasn’t aware that Doctor Jill wasn’t a virgin when she married the Widower Biden. This shocking news could change my opinion of these two adulterous love birds. Dementia Joe slandered the man involved in the accident that caused the death of his first wife and young daughter by falsely claiming he was a drunk driver, so this extramarital affair shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The Biden Family’s crooked connections to MBNA extended for several decades, and included his Sainted Son, Beau the Beatific.

  6. May the blessed Lord allow Dr. Jill to continue to care for the love of her life, Joe Biden. May she be able to change his poopy depends and his urine soaked clothes and bed sheets for years to come….She’s a peach, that one….AW who am I kidding. She’ll institutionalize him and send him a poinsettia every Christmas…..

  7. Ummmm, riiight. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. Either way, it’s not going to impact the election. The DNC propaganda arm will squash it like a bug.

  8. These are the people who sign off on legislation written for the benefit of their backers. Why am I not surprised that Biden was/is a scumbag right out of the gate.

    He’ll get 60 million+ votes.

  9. better watch your back Billy boy … you’re a prime candidate for arkancide

    … or at least taken behind the gym & given a beating by Joltin’ Joe the CornPop buster!

  10. Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd there ya have it folks. This is why I’ve called him Jackass Joe for decades! That Dipshit’s not just a clown, he’s the entire, fucking circus!

  11. Stevenson better watch out. When the book streets, it will be mighty close to when Christmas lights are hung.

    Plus, the Holidays can be very depressing and that results in suicides.

  12. Do not despair folks, help is on the way, as old, stinky, porcine Hillary has reached out to crazy Joe and has offered her putrid services to his maladministration should the Dems be able to cheat him into office!

  13. Question being asked by this new generation.

    What are Books?

    Answer: Books are paper that could have been used to made TP.
    Books are usually a means to legally funnel $$$$ to a a Political candidate before election for later favors, or as they leave office as a “reward”.

    They can also be used as a means to get the political dirt out against a person, forcing the Media to address the allegations and contents that the media would otherwise avoid to protect political affiliation and/or their selected candidate.

    Books basically became just Political bribery tools after 1990.


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