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List of Subpoenas By the Crazies Targeting Trump

As I said last night, losing the house will put Trump in the crosshairs of the crazies who intend on tying him up for the next 2 years in a barrage of subpoenas.

Here’s a list according to Mother Jones-

  • White House security clearances (involving Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, national security adviser John Bolton, and others)
  • The controversial addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census
  • The Trump administration’s Muslim travel ban
  • The State Department’s decision to close its cyber office
  • The EPA’s use of a political loyalty list
  • The possible participation of Cambridge Analytica’s foreign employees in US elections
  • The deadly ambush in Niger that left four American soldiers dead
  • The use of private email by White House officials
  • Trump’s response to the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico
  • The dealings of the Trump Foundation
  • Potential conflicts of interest between Kushner’s business actions and his policy advice
  • Payments the Trump Organization received from foreign sources
  • Russian intervention with state voting systems
  • Former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s contacts with foreign officials

“We could follow up on any and all items on this list,” a Democratic staffer on the committee says. The panel would not likely issue 64 subpoenas on Day One. Cummings, as chairman of the committee, will initially send out what are known as “chairman letters”—essentially polite but official requests for documents or testimony. But as chairman, he would be able to back up these requests with the threat of subpoena.

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have also been tracking all the times they have been turned down. In September, the top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), published a 67-page summary of their efforts to “Document the Failings of the Trump Administration.” It provides something of a roadmap for what the committee might do in the next Congress. The report chronicles the more than 140 times Democratic members of the committee in the past 22 months have sent “oversight letters” to the Trump administration, usually requesting information—and usually getting no substantive reply. Many of these requests overlapped with those issued by the Democrats on the Oversight Committee.

These letters signal the Democrats’ interests in dozens of subjects. Those include:

  • Nepotism in the Trump White House
  • Trump’s (now-shuttered) voter fraud commission
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ inaccurate congressional testimony about his pre-election contacts with Russian officials and his post-election recusal from the Russian investigation
  • Sessions’ reversal of Justice Department criminal justice reform initiatives
  • Ivanka Trump’s business affairs and potential conflicts of interest
  • Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey
  • Trump administration measures (or lack thereof) to secure elections from foreign interference
  • The White House’s use of non-disclosure agreements
  • Payments received by Michael Cohen when he was Trump’s personal attorney
  • Hush money Cohen paid to porn star Stormy Daniels (an action for which he pleaded guilty to a federal crime, while maintaining that Trump had been part of a criminal conspiracy)
  • Trump’s endorsement of a Chinese telecommunications firm, a move that raised ethics concerns
  • Trump’s income tax returns (which several Democrats have said they would seek)

Judiciary Committee Democrats, as noted in the report, have also asked the Justice Department inspector general to investigate whether FBI officials and agents leaked information during the 2016 campaign to benefit Trump and whether Trump and his aides, after the election, sought to discredit career investigators and the independence of the FBI. Nadler and Cummings have also requested subpoenas of Trump campaign data consultants regarding any communications they had with foreign actors during the 2016 campaign. One member of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.), has introduced legislation to force Trump to create a public database of visitors to his Mar-a-Lago resort—a topic the committee could take up.

All this is a merely a slice of what’s in that 67-page report. “A lot of items in there would be a priority should Dems take the majority next year and Jerry is chair of the committee,” says a Democratic staffer on the Judiciary Committee. And Nadler has publicly expressed his interest in investigating how the Trump White House and the FBI handled the investigation of the sexual assault allegations levied against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The Democrats will not lack for investigative targets. As these reports show, there is a potpourri of possibilities for Democratic investigators—from Trump’s violations of the emoluments clause to pay-to-play policymaking. The challenge will be deciding what to focus on

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  1. Florida dodges a bullet so the line forms on the right. Please don your best butt kicking boots. No steel or open toes, please.

    Re: subpoenas

    Let ’em. They can’t touch him. If they could they already would have. The lunatics will get nothing done and will drive off even more support, burying themselves for the next election. So relax.

  2. Colorado joined Nevada and lost all major races and now Dems again control all state government. Good luck with that.

  3. Let them waste their time. Works right into the 2020 election. Do nothing Dems. Remember Trump can veto any bill they pass and it takes 2/3 of house and senate to overturn the veto which will not happen. Let the games begin!!!

  4. I don’t know why I’m surprised about last night. We are still the country full of dummies who voted in Obama…twice. Oh well. Need some coffee. Too many beerskies last night.

  5. I look at it this way, if PDJT has gotten America as far as he has already despite the flak from the left I surmise he’ll work even harder to MAGA should they attempt to disrupt him even further. He thrives on challenge and will use these tactics against them. BTW, just think. Occasional-Cortex will now get to START SIGNING THOSE BILLS she previously spoke about. What a dunce. SMH

  6. WDS- I was just saying in a different thread that Occasional-Cortex and some other dems just in will be so useless it will be like the dems lost those seats. 😀

  7. What you are witnessing is The Californian Diaspora. They are leaving in droves and Nevada, Colorado, Arizona and Texas are their destinations.

    And they want to replicate the success that forced them to flee.

  8. MJA, I think O-C is going to find out in the long run she’s out of her league in the real world as opposed to the fawning love she received on the campaign trail and you’re correct about the useless part.

  9. Cliche Guevara- Plus, illegals are voting. Those states gave out driver’s licenses to them, etc.

    Sandoval in NV can go fuck himself. So can Dean Heller.
    Both “R”
    A couple years ago, NV “R” voted in taxes for the state, alone. Dems sat back and watched them to it for them without a single vote. So voters booted the R’s out and got Dems. As if they wouldn’t tax the state to infinity on their own, right? Well, now’s their chance.
    In 2016, there was cheating for Hillary against Bernie, and illegals voted. Well, are always voting. They already jailed a bunch of Dem vote fraudsters, but so what? Face it, NV is now California- before it went full on psycho.

  10. well i for one am certainly glad that we found out during the last two years that people can just say fu to congressional subpeonas.
    and they can also submit and come in and then laugh at the questions being given them and tell the congressmen to suck a d

    i’m so glad we learned that these things are acceptable during the last two years.

  11. I was reading somewhere about the tax records and someone commented that the House already saw and has them. Why didn’t they do anything?

    Because there’s nothing to do about nothing. That’s why.

  12. The biggest problem every state has is their state GOP. We have the same problem in my red state, they don’t vet candidates, they don’t hold them to account when they stray far to the left of our platform. They sit back and say they won’t get involved in primaries even when they know they have democrats who couldn’t get elected switch to Republican.
    Then we get a legislature and governors who tax, tax and tax some more and like being nannies.
    Then they go a step farther and secretly help the liberal get elected while secretly working behind the scenes to see the conservative gets defeated. So you have even more liberals and people say to hell with it and either stay home or vote for the democrat thinking he’ll be easier to get rid of because Republican voters are as ignorant as democrat voters and will vote for the guy who has the most commercials and when it comes to the general they will vote for all Rs never knowing that the R in a red state might even be more liberal than the democrat and certainly more liberal than the independent.
    Now good deal for us we have the new Libertarian crazies to contend with who are as crazy as national democrats.

  13. Seems to me when it comes to a long subpoena list, or (hopefully) indictment lists, DJT might be ready to play that game too.

  14. CC and MJA – The party producing documents in response to a subpoena can turn over anything as long as it includes what is asked for. Nothing forbids over doing it, or including extra things by accidental purpose.

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