Moron Mask Advocate Harasses Maskless Woman in Department Store

This guy is the typical shithead that uses Covid as a way of letting out their inner inherent assholism.

This dumpy unkempt load claims his wife is a doctor who specializes in infectious disease , which is a complete lie, because any infectious disease specialist would fess up to their spouse that masks are political statements, not something that protects you from a virus.

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  1. “Your wife is a ‘doctor’?? Has she ever assisted the resetting of facial fractures after a collapsed orbit?

    Because you wouldn’t want to be her first attempt. Back off, Asshole.”

  2. Don’t you have a life of your OWN to get back to?

    (Looks at guy more closely).

    Oh. Obviously not.

    Whatever, go annoy someone else.

  3. Wow, you can expect to see more of this. I’ve heard several reports of some old lady confronting maskless shoppers at a local grocery store demanding to see their vax card.
    Pussies like this will only pick on women.

  4. I find it hard to believe that this turd could get any ACTUAL woman, let alone a SMART one, to marry him; and as for an Infectious Disease Specialist, a woman like THAT would spotthis guy as a septic sink a mile away and keep her distance under Universal Precautions for that hair ALONE…

  5. Obviously his wife isn’t very smart if she married him.

    I would ignore him until he put a hand on me. Then I would throat punch him and call the police for his verbal assault and his battery. I was defending myself. I would press charges.

  6. I think he’s a paid political operative. I’ve seen a few of these videos and watched a similar incident in person. The one I watched was a woman ripping some guy a new one. They walk the line on assault. They’ll keep moving forward running their mouths, hurling insults and then if they get close to you their hands go right in their pockets. Keep in mind the entire event is being filmed from multiple angles. Engaging one of these assholes, on their terms, would be a big mistake. Something to think about.

  7. I love the pushback coming from other people. I’m going to be one of those people if I ever witness an ambulatory douchebag stalking somebody.

    And note the store security guy gets right up under Pudgy Indiana Jones brim to warn the Raider of the Lost Ice Cream Freezer off. Tide has turned, y’all.

  8. He’s a Dicktum.

    First you act like a Dick. And after you get your ass kicked you act like the Victim.

    They’re all around us,

  9. His wife is a Dr who specializes in infectious diseases.

    Hmmmm….sounds familiar.

    Fauxci is a Dr who specializes in infectious diseases.


  10. As you are probably aware, I have not worn a mask once since all this silliness has begun and even though I have lost weight and am half the man I was when I was young no one has said a word to me….. must be the scary resting bitch face.

  11. I have the answer to dealing with these assholes. I’ve used it a number of times before but not yet regarding the RONA. I look them straight in the eye and tell them that their opinion means nothing to me and has no value to me.

    There is no bigger insult to a proggie than telling them that their opinions (actually feelings) are worthless.

    Try it some time but you need to be ready for the reaction. If it’s verbal you ignore them, if it’s physical (which hasn’t happened to me yet) than make certain your ass is covered. The person you’re dealing with will say anything in an attempt to move blame away from them.

  12. he has no basket or buggy and has no items in his hands like a shoppers. he is a troll showing his vax badge and harassing.

  13. Moron Mask Advocate Harasses Maskless Woman in Department Store


    As the elderly woman pumps his eyes full of pepper spay. That would put me in the news as a warning to others opening up their pie hole.

  14. @mystaclean: I enjoy telling them to “F” off right to their face. They look shocked thinking that a elderly woman would get in their face like that. Whadda they gunna do to me? They walk away is what they do.

  15. Soon we shall all hear the eardrum shattering howl once we are identified and chased, similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  16. A grown man has a fucking button on his shirt……that’s all you need to know about this clown. If his twitter bio doesn’t list some ailment that he suffers from #spectrum I’ll eat my damn shoe.

  17. My take on this guy and what the “pandemic” has meant for millions of others –

    For the first time in his life, he has a deep sense of purpose and is part of something that connects him to others in a meaningful way. He feels a sense of empowerment that he has never known before. He now has a virtuous “cause” and is “saving the world” from a horrible fate. He seems like many other young men I have known, who spent their formative years interfacing with a computer screen and not with real people in the outside, workaday world. Those of us who did learned to mind our own business.

  18. FYI, a “male” Karen is a “Karl”.

  19. We went into Aldi’s yesterday and someone kind offered us their cart for free. We didn’t need to use what I call the “magic quarter” that releases a cart for your use. On the way out I tried to return the favor to someone who was masked. Her eyes got real wide and I have to give her credit for being a quick thinker. She said she didn’t need the cart because then she’d just end up buying more that she needed to. Now we’ve got two magic quarters.

    On another note, my wife went to the Dermatologist today and the office was mask free which was a complete surprise. The medical community here is running scared because most are requiring masks.

  20. Numerous awful thoughts ran through my head watching this. I kept hoping some guy who was present would have similar awful thoughts and act on them but no, unfortunately not.

  21. Walter, last year a moron of a guy who was about 3 times larger than I at my 5ft 4 in, was yelling at me at the registers in Home Depot. Not one guy stepped up to defend me. They all just stared like soy boys.

  22. You can’t talk to these idiots. I still try on occasion because it’s kind of funny to see how stupid they are.
    They always love to claim they work in a hospital or so and so works in a hospital and soon they prove they’re full of shit. I’m pretty damn sure the majority of them have never even seen the inside of a hospital.
    I actually had one tell me today I was lying about nurses and doctors entering the hospital room without masks and about doctors, nurses and other staff sitting in the dining room at the cafeteria hospital because they have private cafeterias and dining rooms and they don’t go to the common cafeteria.
    I’ve been in many hospitals during my lifetime as a patient and as a family member and friend, so I guess just those I’ve been in doctors just enjoy eating in the common cafeteria. lol

    Then there’s this idiot family blaming people for their mother dying from covid. Well obviously your shot didn’t work, but instead of blaming the government, doctors, and drug companies for lying to you, you instead blame the unvaxxed, unmasked people. You apparently believed your shot would work or you would not have went to the dreaded state with such low vax rates, but now you can’t admit you were wrong.

    I no longer play that game with them anymore, I tell them to keep their vaxxed self away from me I don’t want the shit they’re shedding.

  23. “FYI, a “male” Karen is a “Karl”.”

    It’s been Ken until your post. Not once have I witnessed or read Karl before this.

  24. I’m with Brad and others who are deeply suspicious of these very visible Kens and Karens who show up out of nowhere with 3rd person videos of them harrassing maskless people. I do believe — just as they have done setting up Trump’s supporters in the past for every other kind of Leftist activity — that these are well-organized and probably paid activists sent out to orchestrate a show-down in order to get a patriot to go postal on them. Once they’ve got a great video of it, it will become Exhibit A for setting up camps like the ones in Australia. Because, don’t you know, the anti-maskers/anti-vaxers are scary, selfish, terrorists who want everyone to die!

    Not saying don’t tell these useful idiots to shut up and mind their own business, just don’t swing on them or assault them.

    We’re being played. Don’t fall for it.

  25. AA, I was thinking that I would ignore the blowhard until he laid a hand on me. Then I would dial the County Sheriff (number’s in my phone already) and make a complaint of assault. I would look at him just to take a picture.

    My sheriff WILL arrest him because he does not suffer fools. At all. He taught the Constitution during my CPL class and has butt heads with Gov. Whitless many times. He has a huge following in this county (one of the reddest in the state of Michigan) and he is always handily re-elected. We support Dar Leaf because he refuses to obey Herr Whitless’ unconstitutional mandates.

  26. Claudia

    I’ve told my wife if she’s ever confronted by one of these idiots turn your back on him and get to the front of the store near the registers. If your followed start screaming “Leave me alone you pervert”.
    Personally I think avoiding any type of confrontation with these whack jobs imperative. They’re nucking futs.

  27. I was driving down the highway to go to the gas pumps at the store called Costco there was a Ford Escort wagon in front of my 2003 F150 drafting off the vehicle in front of him and another vehicle in the other lane barely able to pass those two in the adjacent lane all going about 50 mph. When I finally could pass the old truck hauling scrap he was drafting behind and Ford Escort. I blew past them, that truck had a lot of go and was fairly loud when you stepped on it (it had a real efficient exhaust that was quiet as anyone would want until you stepped on it, then it was pretty loud), then I took the exit ramp to the Costco store.

    The asshole followed me in, pulled up about twenty feet away and started yelling at me for wasting precious gasoline and contributing to global warming while I was in line. Get this, the idiot had even taken the side view mirrors off and had a home made air dam on the front so as to reduce wind drag on the Escort.

    Each time I got out to go over and tune him up he would drive off and hide until I got back in then would come back and start yelling at me again. Finally the wife at the time climbs over me and sticks her head out the window and tells the guy: Either leave or my husband is going to wring your Goddamned neck and I am not going to do a thing to help you.

    It was abut the most ludicrous act of sticking one’s nose in other people’s business I had ever seen until this whole Covid thing came along.

    When I got to the pumps others were coming up and asking me what that was all about and all I could tell them is that the guy was obviously nuts.

  28. The guy looks like Tyrone F. Horneigh –
    “Would you like to call me Cutie?”
    “Would you like to call me Sweetie?”
    Whap, Whap
    “Would you like to call me an ambulance?”
    Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap

  29. Honestly, I would ask him if he was vying for my undivided attention and whether he wanted his phone shoved down his throat (punched all the way down) or up his arse.
    Unfortunately, I’m too big for these dipshits to be aggressive at. When I’m in a line-up, these bitches are always trying to be my friend.

    Get lost, go be a douche somewhere else.

  30. I think I saw this guy in a movie once… There was this TV show in the movie… I think it was called “Ow! My Balls!” or something like that…

  31. First mistake is shopping at Target, right up there with Whole Foods. I’m ready for these losers who think they will intimate me. Go up to customer service and say you are being harassed. Walk toward loser, not away.

  32. It’s amazing how fast people shut the fuck up when you grab their ear with one hand and screw the barrel of your .45 into their left nostril.
    Just amazing.


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