Ruth Bader Ginsburg “Cancer Free”

Newsmax: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been declared cancer-free, though she remains in recovery from surgery and will miss another week of oral arguments, NPR reports.

“Her recovery from surgery is on track,” said court spokeswoman Kathleen L. Arberg. “Post-surgery evaluation indicates no evidence of remaining disease, and no further treatment is required.”


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  1. i dont know what to say. I had my condolence card addressed and everything and i cant return it. I think i’ll send it anyway just to be on the safe side.

  2. If there’s one thing 85 year old cancer patients are known for it’s the ability to bounce back.

    The point of all this is that liberals need pallbearers to pull their crooked hands away from grasping at the throat of a free America.

    Some people want to die in their sleep. Some want to die having sex. Liberals want to spend their last moment ruling over someone’s life they disagree with.

  3. If she is cancer free and ready to kick ass and take names then whatever medicine and procedures she had done to her needs to be available to all of us. Whether we are on obamacare or not.

  4. Nina “Death Mountain” Totenberg touted sacks of everything is Peaches and Cream. However, a ‘slightly’ different tale was seen when the same script was viewed on somebodys foreign language channel.

  5. That’s not exactly hw these things work.
    It has been a little over 2 weeks since surgery, and it is very premature to make such a bold statement. I doubt she’d be able to get a life insurance policy or mortgage, if she were you or I.
    I realize they do this type of thing all the time with genders and sex. But just because someone ‘identifies’ as being cancer free, doesn’t make it so.
    I would have her check the “X” box for that one.

  6. Conversion Of Malignancy Theory. The nastier a person is, the longer they will live.

    Ruth’s gonna make it to 682 years old, then…

  7. “”Post-surgery evaluation indicates no evidence of remaining disease..”

    …did you look in her HEAD? There’s TONS of evidence that her BRAIN has been diseased for…a…long…time…

  8. Cancer? Broken ribs? Dang….. and here I thought she was simply suffering from like… 700 years of unbroken existence.

  9. Cancer is FUCKED UP. @ what Uncle Al said.

    Let’s wait and watch the process…the process of the libs going nuts.

    What annoys me most about this?

    Is when there is that person that should no longer be doing that job, should be in some form of retirement, makes a point of stubborningly continuing that job.

    GIVE IT UP, try going hunting on a ranch in southern Texas and go to sleep with a pillow…oh wait.

  10. I see an argument coming soon from the Dems for an extension of the Biden Rule to two years. And no doubt heartily endorsed by Mitt.

  11. You know damn well the democommies are looking like hell for a necromancer with bullcrap statements like that.
    I’m betting she’s too weak to even sit up, and will likely remain that way.

  12. The Cancer was the only thing in her body that was GROWING, now that it is gone; (BS) … everything in her is Dying.

  13. @toby miles JANUARY 11, 2019 AT 8:15 PM
    “That’s not exactly hw these things work.”

    Right you are. I smell bullshit too. I have been fortunate to not have had cancer (other than minor skin cancer), but for the people i have known who had cancer, the medical people never say “you are cancer free”, they say “your cancer is in remission”. When operating to remove a tumor, they say “we believe we got all the cancer”.

  14. I’ve watched good people work their whole lives and then retire and die of cancer or something else within a year or two.

    For God’s sake, if you have the money and the insurance, why wouldn’t you want to spend it with your family or the home you built or doing those things on your bucket list.

    For some, their work is their life and they are lost without it. It’s how they define themselves. I worked for a guy who retired after 42 years with the same company. Three years later, he still shows up to more outside work functions than I do.

    Move on.

  15. @Tony R. I have had colon cancer. Mine was treated and my oncologist said that I was cured. My recurrence rate is barely above that of a person who never had it.

    But, it was 5 YEARS before he said that.

    I smell BS

  16. P.S. Get your colonoscopy, it saved my life.

    P.P.S. Don’t facebook livestream it. I’m looking at you Robert O’Rourke.

  17. If she’s cancer free, more than a few people at Medicare are swallowing their faces. Per their parameters, aside from the actively seeking treatment (or having it forced upon her) she is hospice eligible.

  18. They performed surgery which saved the Cancer.

    Makes sense – animatronics aren’t sposed to get Cancer!
    (does this mean the recent Hagiography out of Hollyweird was too early?)

    izlamo delenda est …

  19. If Ginsburg is not medically able to attend Supreme Court sessions…..

    She’s not medically able to perform Supreme Court duties…..

    Trump45 gets another one……3 for 3.

  20. Home schooling- bad
    Home judging- good

    working with summaries and transcripts and not being able to ask questions in a pertinent manner, she is just sending in a ‘book review,’ at best. If it is even her,

  21. I’m embarrassed that I haven’t kept up on current events and recent legislation.
    Just when, exactly, was absentee voting enabled for the supreme court?

  22. Posted before, bears repeating.

    If Ruth was smart enough to be a SCJ, she would have been smart enough to retire, let O’Baja name a successor.
    But Noooo!
    She had to wait and be a woman SCJ, replaced by a woman SCJ, appointed by a woman president.
    Estrogen, it’s a hell of a drug.
    So is chemo.

  23. @Cynic

    Rather than get a colonoscopy, I’m getting a colonectomy.

    No colon, no cancer. But I haven’t yet thought through what the downside is.

  24. Dr. Tar, you are wrong. She is so arrogant that even if she is too sick to return to the bench she will not retire. If she does die, the democRATS will block a new selection until 2021.

  25. I remember what the liberals said about Tony Snow after he had colon cancer “he may no longer have a rectum but he is still an asshole.” Classy people.

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