Toronto, Canada: Special banking favors for Muslims only — if you convert, your interest rates drop to 0%

GELLER REPORT: Zero Mortgage Halal Financing: it’s a great deal, with interest rates on mortgages, loans and credit cards. lower then any bank. 2.9% on all three. But it is not offered to just anyone. You have to be a practicing Muslim to get in on the deal.


To qualify, you have to be sponsored, speak to the local imam, and if you’re a kaffir and convert to Islam on the spot, your interest rates drop to 0% — which strongly encourages conversion to Islam.

Another stipulation is that it is forbidden to make money off of these loans. It has been set up that any interest accrued or penalty fees are donated to a “charity of their choice.” That money is certainly donated to an Islamic charity, many of which have been shut down for financing jihad terror.

Muslims are using our current financial systems against us, with eager help from short-sighted financial institutions.

This is the actual email they send to potential “clients.” There is a lot of information contained here, as well as links to various websites that give revealing additional information surrounding mortgages, cash loans and credit cards. MORE HERE

18 Comments on Toronto, Canada: Special banking favors for Muslims only — if you convert, your interest rates drop to 0%

  1. I am a former Canadian.

    I have now officially taken Canada off my list of places to return to for vacations.

    Trudoh’ is a freaking idiot pajama boy

  2. The ragheads don’t charge interest; they triple the price of the financed thing.

    Once again, they attempt to fool God for the sakes of their pocket-books.

    Total irreverent, blasphemous bullshit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. EXACTLY, Tim.
    Same with their “short-term marriages”
    to get around the “no prostitution/adultery” thing….

  4. Islam plagiarized it’s usery laws from the Bible. Christians should really challenge this on the basis that usery is forbidden in the Bible also. Give me 0% interest because… equality. .

  5. Looking at this from a Von Mises perspective, I am trying to understand the value proposition here. If the consumer gets 0% then the loan issuer must have some other means of profit. I think more likely is that a cost is built into the loan, even if it is considered to be compliant with muslim law. Unless the bank somehow makes money from the public in some way while the consumer gets away scot-free I don’t really care.

  6. Tim is right, the price goes up to cover the lack of interest. But their “god” is OK with the whole lie and cheat thing. Just like he’s OK with steal, kill, and destroy.

  7. Probably unconstitutional even in Canada. At any rate, zero interest is more than made up for by fees. They might be Muslim bankers, but they are not altruists.

  8. Well, whatever their game is, it’s important to remember that lying is an important precept in sharia. Two can play at the lying game.
    ….Lady in Red

  9. Dan: They recoup the loss by making us non-savages pick up the tab, which also includes life-long ‘bennies,’ no doubt.

  10. I believe that with Halal banking the bank actually takes a piece of the business/Home whatever you’re applying for the load for in lieu of interest payments. Also not sure whether these banks get the same protections as other financial institutions. Better read the fine print before you sign away your mortgage and your soul. PS, I’ll bet this ends up in court as well.

  11. Bottom line – Islam owns you if you accept this shady deal. Once converted to Islam the only way out is death. So, if you believe this taqiyya bait and switch, you get zero interest, but your whole life is the price paid.


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