Trish Regan departs Fox Business

The Hill:

[…] On March 14, the network announced that Regan’s 8 p.m. EDT show, along with Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery’s 9 p.m. EDT show, were going on “hiatus” to deploy “all resources from both shows for staffing needs during critical market hours” amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Regan at the time had been under fire over her comments on Democratic criticism of Trump. MORE

14 Comments on Trish Regan departs Fox Business

  1. This is what happens when you let your progressive sons run your company. FOX might as well turn out the lights. Anyway, everyone has a MyPillow and they’ve all gotten hearing aids and reverse mortgages.

    Bye Felicia.

  2. What’s wrong with Fox? Decide who you are and, or more importantly, decide who your audience is, and hire a programing director who knows the latter and doesn’t give a fuck about what the rest of the so-called media says.

  3. And Donna Brazzile still collect a Fox paycheck. Bye Fox! Ohhh, one more thing, hey Hannity your website sucks!

  4. @Ann Thracts: I don’t have a MyPillow, I don’t have a hearing aid, nor a reverse mortgage. I don’t own a TV, I don’t bow to any liberal authority, and I’m almost through my 60’s. I think I’ve done pretty damn well without listening and doing what the sheeple are doing. I’m like Rush, I do the opposite of what’s the most popular thought.

  5. @ “Joe Biden”

    Finish your pudding and go to bed. You have a big day tomorrow; looking for your slippers and putting on a clean diaper.

    Did I just feed a troll?

  6. Don’t watch TV, listen to the radio so not sure who she is. I have not watched Fox in ten years.

    The ONLY thing I want to see and now watch(these daze) is the daily POTUS briefing and that is IT and we can all get that on the Net anyways.

    I LOVE to see the POTUS mop up that Fourth Estate Press Corps.

  7. Meanwhile, Juan Williams is free to denigrate and vilify Trump and those who support him.

    Roger Ailes, we miss you.

  8. Trish is really classy, and Kennedy is a lot of fun-

    Fox is stupid to do this. And sexist (Yeah I said it. Ditch Cavuto or something, he’s bland, blobby, and boring.)


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