Trump 2020 Spox: Donors ‘Coming Out of the Woodwork, 100k More Volunteers Because of Impeachment

Breitbart- While impeachment proceeds are being applauded by many on the side of the Democratic Party, it is also affecting Republicans.

During a Wednesday appearance on Huntsville AL radio’s WVNN, Trump 2020 director of strategic communications Marc Lotter explained how Trump supporters were getting involved because of the impeachment efforts conducted by House Democrats.

8 Comments on Trump 2020 Spox: Donors ‘Coming Out of the Woodwork, 100k More Volunteers Because of Impeachment

  1. The Democrats concede they are losing the impeachment battle,
    Sort of the same way Custer considered a Little Bighorn loss.

  2. Push all of them into the three Pacific Coast states and maybe a few in the northeast, make them a separate country (USSA) and build a wall to protect the USA.

  3. Democrat voters must feel very beleaguered by their constant failures to impeach POTUS Trump. Bless their poor hearts.

    But I guess when your slacktivism (“the practice of supporting a political or social cause by means such as social media or online petitions, characterized as involving very little effort or commitment.”) isn’t working on this president — whose own supporters will wait in line FOR TWO DAYS just to attend his rallies! — what the heck are they gonna do?

    The sheer cussedness of POTUS Trump’s supporters’ commitment to him must be very, very fwustwating to people who are so used to throwing a tantrum to get their way. It must be very scawy that so many very righteous, happy and tough people, who have been hardened to short-term loss and living under the oblowme regime, will never give up the ship or their president.

    So give us everything you’ve got, Democrats, because it ain’t much.


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