Wife Too Late To Save Husband From Himself

A skydiver left a video for his wife saying that he “wasn’t going to pull the cord today.”

She frantically ran into the airport begging them to not let her husband get on the plane. She was too late.

27 year-old Capotorto Vitantonio told his wife he was going to go someplace wonderful. He was found face down in a field.



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  1. 600 jumps. Suicide at 27. Depression (or drugs, or too much MSNBC) is a killer.

    5 deaths for one Florida dive operation in 4 years?
    Sum Ting Wong.
    We Too Low.

  2. Did he really Have to Send the Video ? Nothing Like Destroying your Wife while simultaneously Providing Proof it Was Suicide on Video !
    She Gets Nothing but a Shattered Life…Good Job ya Ass !

  3. i was asked an ice breaker question at a mens retreat once. question “what would you do if you knew you wouldnt fail”. Oh, yes, all those pontificating answers of glorious works for God and relationship and financial success. Mine was one word “skydive”.

    It took everyone at least 3-5 seconds to get it.

    Wonder what his last thoughts were?

  4. @Mr. Anth Ropy: My nieces husband blew his brains out about 5 years ago. Did it in his Toyota truck that he loved. Left his wife and two kids behind. Wife was already hooked up with another guy, she bought a new house, new car, pool, vacations, life is good for her and the kids. He was a big time pot smoker since the age of 13. Sometmes people are better off in a different world than this one.

  5. Dadof4 July 16, 2017 at 8:33 am

    What an asshole.

    Bonus: Insurance doesn’t cover suicide.

    Prayers for the abandoned wife.

    Wrong, insurance covered my nieces husbands suicide. She laughed all the way to the bank! What goes around comes around as they say.

  6. Most Life insurance doesn’t cover suicide in the first year of the policy, to avoid deliberate purchase of policies strictly for quick payouts.
    After the first year, many life insurance policies will cover even suicide.

  7. Mr Anth Ropy is correct. After a fixed period of time a suicide would be defined as a type of mental illness and thus covered by the policy. It was still a cheap and cowardly way to inform his wife of his intentions. Imagine sending the video while she was still in a position to stop it (at least in her mind) only to find she was just a couple of minutes late. It’s as if he planned the maximum damage to her emotional state. I know he was mentally ill but he’s a bastard still the same.

  8. First off, you have to be mental to even consider jumping from a perfectly good aircraft that isn’t on fire.

    Second, parachutes are a lot like firearms – if you really need one and don’t have one, you’ll never need one again.

  9. As an experienced sky diver, shit can go sideways up there. I once opened my reserve at 200 feet in Texas, Exxon thanked me for the crater and oil find.

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