It’s the Perjury, Stupid

A request for Hillary to be investigated for perjury.Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.45.05 AM

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  1. “And for my next trick, I, James Comey will gladly expose myself as a willing co-conspirator as I investigate Hillary Clinton.”

    … any of this is going to net any acceptable results.

    The only way Hillary will ever go down is by being……..[fill in the blank]

  2. It’s true that nothing is likely to come of this. However, I greatly favor the path of anything that causes Hillary more stress. My ultimate goal is to see her melting down like the Wicked Witch of the West from all the stress.

    Failing that, her keeling over from a heart attack would also float my boat just fine.

  3. Comey will find that Hillary is so stupid and incompetent that she didn’t know she was lying, so you can’t prove intent–therefore, no perjury.

  4. Comey’s detrmination to let Hillary Clinton off the hook, no matter what, has never been more evident.

  5. Catch 22 for FBI.
    Say no, she’s screwed as part of the Big Cabal.
    Say yes, she’s screwed, as the lies are obvious and public.

  6. The House is trying to maintain the pretense of “representing” the people of the United States rather than the bastions of crony socialism. The GOP represent the Menshevik faction of National and Inter National Socialism, which was never more evident than when McConnell rescinded Reid’s rules on the definition of a “majority” from 51 Senators to 60, in order to ensure that ABSOLUTELY NO conservative legislation will EVER be passed – and the fact that Ryan gave Obola $1.1 Trillion budget to cover 2 years until he’s (Obola) safely out of office.

    That they play us like fools is incontestable; why we allow it is the mystery.

    This is more Theater of the Absurd – a sound and a fury, signifying NOTHING.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Hillary is very good at keeping herself front and center in the news, and she has lots of willing helpers like Jason to make sure it stays that way.
    Face it, she is a dull and boring person. Without these scandals she wouldn’t get 10 minutes a month of free TV exposure. As short as attention spans are today a lot of people would even forget that she is running for president.

  8. I believe that an indictment would only help Hiliary. Her base would see it as proof that there is a vast right wing conspiracy to destroy her. It matters none to them that she lied and also lied under oath, they love it when she gets away with it…just like Bill did.

  9. B-b-b-b-but she didn’t MEAN to lie. She only did it to protect the prestige of the Secretary of State! She lied to protect, “Working families” and “oppressed minorities”.

  10. The FBI Director followed Barky’s orders to let her off the hook. Blame Barky and his concerns for his “legacy” being forced forward on a resisting nation. Lesser acts have resulted in chaos..another goal of the Barky faction.

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