Massachusetts: African migrant may be deported for $300K food stamp fraud

MAY be deported.

Big Govt: Ghanian National Who Pleaded Guilty to Nearly $300,000 Worth of Food Stamp Fraud May Face Deportation.

A Ghanian national who pleaded guilty Thursday to conducting nearly $300,000 worth of food stamp fraud may face deportation.

Prosecutors say that Esther Acquaye, 49, who owned Esther’s Fashion Paradise in Worcester, Massachusetts, allowed Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients to trade their benefits for cash, paying them 50 cents for every SNAP dollar redeemed.

She then pocketed the full value of the SNAP benefits from the federal government.

Acquaye pleaded guilty to several charges, including aiding and abetting food stamp fraud, conspiracy, and trafficking counterfeit goods.

She is expected to be sentenced March 7 and faces prison time and the possibility of deportation because she is a Ghanian national in the U.S. on a green card.

There is no specific sentence that two parties agreed upon in the plea deal, but the federal government asked that Acquaye agree to three years of supervised release following her prison sentence and pay restitution, according to court documents.  read more

16 Comments on Massachusetts: African migrant may be deported for $300K food stamp fraud

  1. Grow up judges. You are not baby sitters. She is a THIEF, plain and simple. 1 yr in prison for every $10k. And bring back hard labor.

  2. Doritos and Fanta should not be part of any state or federally funded nutrition program. I very much doubt that they had a fruit and vegetable cooler over by the hair weaves

  3. Gosh, seems a tad bit harsh. Couldn’t we just ask her nicely to apologize and give her instant citizenship? (channelling my new snowflake inner-self)

  4. Maybe I’ll stop obeying law’s. Maybe I’ll stop paying taxes. Maybe I’ll decide if you can’t beat em, join em. Nah, first two would get me in trouble and the last one would stop me from holding my head up high. Im far from wealthy, but everything I own I worked for and bought.


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