Has the Maxine Waters Staffer Doxxer Been Found??

A Tweeter thinks so.

ht/ czar of defenestration

15 Comments on Has the Maxine Waters Staffer Doxxer Been Found??

  1. Well done Czar of D.

    And as usual…the angry Woman is Fugly as hell.

    ( an Ugliness that can only be obtained by bitterness)

  2. House honky.

    Again I ask, are uglies drawn to liberalism or is liberalism the cause of such ugliness?

    Release the bloodhounds on her.

  3. Turn about is fair play. Libtards want to dox? They can be doxxed in return. Publicly publish their name, address, email, FB, Twatter, car and license plate, bank where they have their account(s), etc.
    Sauce, goose, gander.

  4. How come CNN, CBS, NBC, WaPo, the NYT etc. are not interested in that envelope that Jackoff Lee handed to the shyster? It must be some kind of bribe pay off. What other reason could there be?

  5. Anniegirl. That’s Sing Sing, 25 miles up the Hudson River from me. I agree, she should. I visited a prisoner there once years ago. Horrible place.

  6. Anonymous
    “What machine do they use to turn out the clones of the left?”

    It doesn’t take much, they only have two moving parts, their mouth and their asshole….and they’re INTERCHANGEABLE!

  7. I cannot say this enough, it is so scary. This needs to be well understood by as many literate voters as possible.
    If the Democrats do take the House, Maxine Waters, one of the stupidest Democrats in Washington (and that’s saying something), will become Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, which is the committee overseeing the entire financial services industry: securities (Wall Street), banking, insurance, and housing. Devastating.


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