Patriot Retort: Odd isn’t it?  This sudden reverence the Left has for (some) men in uniform?  Twitter was awash with typically anti-military ResistanceLOL members sputtering with indignant rage over anyone daring to criticize Alexander “It’s Lieutenant Colonel, please!” Vindman.

The collective “How DARE you!” is deafening, really.

Apparently we’re supposed to accept every bitchy complaint Vindman had as the gospel truth because A) he wore his uniform and has a purple heart and B) he passed “multiple background checks.”

No, really.

“Occupy Democrats” has a badly-made meme floating around bragging that the impeachment witnesses “passed multiple background checks to ensure their loyalty to America.”

You know who else passed multiple background checks?

Former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency officer Ron Rockwell Hansen.  Hansen pleaded guilty to spying for China in March of this year.

Something tells me passing a background check is not proof positive that an American will remain loyal to America.

Take Aldrich Ames.  He was working for the Central Intelligence Agency when he became a KGB mole.  In 1994, he was convicted of espionage and is serving a life sentence.

We can’t forget FBI agent Robert Hanssen who was spying for the Soviet Union for over twenty years before he was arrested.

But wait!  Here’s one more!

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  2. This Imbecile deserves to be keel hauled!
    Slimy bastard
    In my Spirit Form I see clearly.
    These leeches are what’s wrong with this man’s Army

  3. I’m thinking someone with the name of the “Gohst of Moe Tom” is not cool at all. The guy was a legend and you’re not qualified. Fuck Off.

  4. Most lcol’s are on their last tours in the military because they’ll never get that next rank of O-6 and are chronic losers in dead end pension-earning slots.

    Course he plans to enter the Ukrainian government when he grows up.

  5. That’s Lt. Kernel Flounder Vindman. Future Defense Chief of the DumbAss Region of the Ukraine. Reporting for duty!

  6. Nidal Hassan passed all kinds of background checks, too. Or bypassed them, maybe. When you meet certain Deep State Leftist employment requirements, the background checks get rubber-stamped.

    BTW, our service academies are going down the shitter, too.

  7. Hey leftist Deep State Fellators and Uniform Fetishists, tell me who said this:

    “I’ve gotten clearances for guys who had child porn issues.”

    Why yes indeed, that was Mark Zaid, the “Whistleblower’s” attorney. Now tell me again about the sacrosanct Background Checks.

    And have you noticed how Mark Zaid is nowhere to be found in the media this week? Weird, that.

  8. Opinion gained from 76 years of military experience.

    Nothing so pompous and useless as a First Lieutenant or a Lieutenant Colonel. Full of themselves, full of power, and uselessly puffed up demanding all below them to instantly respect their rank.

    First Lieutenants are the worse for lack of experience.

    Lieutenant Colonels are generally Peter Principal appointments.

  9. How does someone like this get to this rank? By others that know what a useless ass he is and the only way to get rid of him is to promote him by writing glowing reviews, same thing they do in the large corporate world. Like a turd they float to the top only to annoy many others.


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