Nadler Nodded Off During Impeachment Hearing

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) was so riveted by his party’s pathetic attempt to impeach President Trump, he nodded off during the committee hearing yesterday.

President Trump’s campaign tweeted a video of Nadler dozing off during the impeachment hearing while Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) was speaking:

26 Comments on Nadler Nodded Off During Impeachment Hearing

  1. He wasn’t really napping, his thoughts were adrift with excitement at the idea of a sexual encounter with Prof. Pam Nadar whom he was smitten with.

  2. At the end of the hearing, I was waiting to see him get out of his chair- to see if he could do it unassisted, and also to see his physique. The camera’s (!), though they remained on him at the end, switched to another shot. I wonder if he can get from sitting to standing unassisted or, also, if he has hypotension and has to have someone on standby.
    As we used to say; ‘he’s a fat fucking bastard’ He should be made to walk the boundaries of his jerrymandered voting district.

  3. Jabba The Nadler must have heavy eyelids cos only the brain is small and empty.
    Undoubtedly the cojones have retracted inward, shriveled and useless.

    Ever wonder how many cow herds died to make his belt? Just askin…

  4. Burger Boy dreaming of a big fat juicy double bacon cheeseburger. Lapband stomach job made Jaba the Hut look like a sun swollen pile of hippo guts. Man that guy ain’t got nothing going for him; he’s ugly, he’s fat’ he’s an idiot, he’s an ass and that’s were his head is. He needs to put himself out of our misery!

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