New Info On The Fish Tank Lady

Steven Crowder discusses new information on the infamous Fish Tank Cleaner Lady and how the Mainstream Media might have covered up her fishy background.

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  1. Couldn’t wait to see if he finished the story or defiicated in his clothes. Much ado about nothing!

  2. This story was fishy from day one. The MSM pimped it out as a top story for weeks and then when it started to rot they walked away fast. It’s down the memory hole now and won’t see the light of day again.

  3. The MSM covered up her fishy background>
    Well shit – – – Of course they did!
    Like everything else, they modify lie about events to fit their agenda!!
    That’s why I call ’em the Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media!

  4. Schiff has probably already made her a protected whistleblower in his Coronavirus investigation.

  5. The story is what the story is; but, the fact that no one is reporting is that neither the Fish Tank Lady, nor her deceased husband, contracted the China flu. This means zero infections for the test group who took fish tank cleaner as a protective prophylactic.

  6. It’s Foul Play because it’s likely that 2 people were not this dumb at the same time, and neither had the virus.

    She slipped him the poison, he would not willingly eat it. Who in their right mind would self-medicate from supplies for fish tanks?

    She took a lesser amount to make the story seem real (or maybe just said she did).

    Got rid of her hated husband, blamed Trump for it.

    Will the police follow up on this 6 foot rim of a dunk shot and charge her with muder 1?

    I doubt it.

  7. I’m subscribed but a bit behind on Crowder.

    Before I watch this I would just like to opine that I believe the wife killed her husband and is trying to use this whole thing as a cover up.

    She definitely took less and gave him far far more. Bitch is guilty.

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