President Donald J Trump Presents the Non Pretending America-First Prebuttal to the Biden State of the Union – IOTW Report

President Donald J Trump Presents the Non Pretending America-First Prebuttal to the Biden State of the Union

CTH: Speaking in plain terms without jargon or political catch phrase, President Donald Trump presents the non-pretending state of our union in a prebuttal to Joe Biden’s national impression of Baghdad Bob tonight. WATCH

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  2. BENITO, Brad is gonna call you a paid DeSantis shill if you don’t watch out!
    Seriously, it’s so depressing.
    I had high hopes after the Mar-a-Lago raid that Trump had the high road.

    The glass house Trump lives in is unfuckingbelievable…
    I mean Melania is only 11 years older than his daughter Ivanka.

  3. Like some of us tonight, I am currently watching and listening to this SOB’s SOTU BS, while hoping, praying, and begging this will be the last time this lying, loud-mouthed piece of parasitic criminal garbage…spews his vomit across the EMF spectrum of this Earth and outwards into the endless voids of space for the very last time,


  4. As GOD is my witness, I can NOT sit and listen to the absurdity and endless lies, BULLSHIT, profuse crap, made-up provocations, irresponsible mis-direction, obfucastion, intentional FUCKING of the American people any longer.

    Biden’s shit licking attempt to fool Americans should be punishable by death.

  5. That is where you are wrong, Brad.
    If I didn’t want Trump to succeed I would absolutely destroy his ass.

    In addition, RDS’s comms team has been ignoring THE SHIT out of Trump, which is very smart.
    To them it’s “Trump who?”

    Honest question:
    Why attack DeSantis with easily disprovable lies while the asshole who stole his second term is destroying the country?

  6. If you were listening to Sarah Huckabee right now you’d realize what a moron you are, She killed it. Right to the heart.

  7. LBS is gonna “destroy his ass”.

    I’d shake my fucking head, but I know doing that leads to becoming a weapons-grade autistic.

  8. Neither of you assholes (B & E), can’t tell me why Trump is attacking a man who hasn’t said he will even run in 2024?

    That same man WON FLORIDA BY 20 FUCKING POINTS!!!
    Trump is being a total dumbass and you KNOW IT!

    Why the fuck isn’t HE REBUTTING bunghole biden*?

  9. I’m pretty sure none of us gave a tinker’s cuss about what Trump said, or is saying right now. What we cared about was fuel prices, tax returns, and general fiscal erudition.

    The proof is in the fucking pudding.

    YOU, LBS, sound like a woke cunt.

  10. In 2015 I suspected LOCO was a Librard plant. At a time when we should be pulling together he tries to divide us. Now I’m convinced he’s a Libtard Plant. Loco, fuck off and leave us alone.

  11. I mean doesn’t Trump have a single person around him who isn’t a “yes man?”
    Someone who would say, “Mr. President, I wouldn’t call Governor Ron DeSantis a pedo. He is a happily married man with three lovely young children, his wife had cancer last year, and he just swung a ton of democrats over to vote for him where he won by 20 fucking points.”

    “In addition, Mr. President, he doesn’t have the phrase “Grab em by the pussy” forever associated with him, he hasn’t been divorced several times, hasn’t paid off a porn star, hasn’t made inappropriate comments about his own daughter, his wife isn’t half his age, he didn’t stand behind Fauci for a year while his presidency evaporated before his eyes…so you might want to put a sock in it.”

    “Oh, BTW, Ron DeSantis has been selling “Don’t Fauci my Florida” merch for over two years now so that total BS fake news from YOU, of ALL PEOPLE(!) will not fly..”

  12. LBS plays both sides against nothing. He is a sandy vagina. Whatever. If this was Discus he would be “No Content Available”.

    He’s just as bad as “Lapel Pin Patriot”, and 100 other cunts.

  13. What I find the most fascinating about this is that you think my position is unique.
    Dude, I’m sounding the alarm here!
    I’m LocoPaulRevere here!

    Alas, ye who will not observe…
    Not the least obeisance made ye
    Not a minute stopped or stayed he…

    Farewell and aideu to ye fair Spanish Ladies

  14. I long for Sarah’s and Trump America. Loco, fuck off plant.

    If you haven’t heard Sarah’s rebuttal it’s a must listen. It will bring tears to your eyes.

  15. I must say having Brad & Erik against me is invigorating.
    Two single dimensional individuals, I believe the derogatory term is NPCs.

    Since Trump won the nom in 2016, 90% of my comments here were positive and laudatory towards him.
    10% are legitimate criticism.
    That is irrefutable since all comments are archived.

    How many of their comments are critical?
    Z E R O, is my guess.

    Who is the sycophant and who is the sentient patriot?

  16. The proof is still in the pudding, you retarded asswipe fuckstick.

    Go cry about celine dion, you 14 year old sack of shit.

  17. “Playing both sides”
    Wait, are you saying DeSantis is a dem? A liberal?
    A plant? A RINO?

    Seriously, you hear me praising a democrat?
    You fucking absolute morons!

    No motherfuckers, Ron DeSantis has taken on CRT, BLM, Disney, WOKE INCORPORATED, democrats, biden*, Fauci, school boards, unions, taxes, etc.
    Let’s face it, Trump said he didn’t fire Fauci because the MSM would howl.

    So what the fuck is your major malfunction?
    Loco knows!

  18. Brad, don’t forget I also pretended to be another poster on iotw, in order to defame them.

    Wait, what’s that?
    It never happened but Brad made that shit up out of total cloth?
    Yes, yes he did.
    The man has no shame, no tact, no intellect.

  19. “Even between them, Brad & Erik are no match.”

    Have another drink asshole. Again, Trump says outrageous shit. And he’s been right every single fucking time. Feel free to rebut. Honestly he’s been right so many times I’m thinking CNN has to be thinking Oh Shit any time he says something provocative. Why? Just look at is batting average. It’s bumping 1K.

    Eric, It’s nice to see someone else recognize this Troll shit. Thanks for stepping up.

  20. Calling me a troll after me being on this site for many years really shows how ridiculous you are.

    Tell me, did Trump refute the biden* claim that balloons flew over the USA during the Trump admin?

    I don’t know, all I heard was Trump attacking DeSantis FOR NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL!!!!

  21. ^^^^ You should pull your head out of your ass and check some conservative news sights. However I understand why that would bother your dumb ass. Why would you try and divide conservatives at this time? There’s only one answer, you’re not on our side.

  22. Still can’t answer my questions.

    Why attack DeSantis and NOT biden*?
    Have you ever criticized Trump?
    Why do you hate DeSantis?

    Fact is you and I agree on most things, you just hate me because I call out your bullshit.

  23. Ronald Reagan was the best president of my lifetime.
    Trump was second and had a lot of promise.

    His second term was stolen by the China virus and the democrat cheat machine.
    I want Trump to have a second term but making up lies, dividing his supporters, saying stupid shit will preclude that from happening.

    What is more pressing, lying about DeSantis or beating the dem cheat machine?

  24. “Fact is you and I agree on most things, you just hate me because I call out your bullshit.”

    I dislike you because at a time we should be circling the wagons you try and separate people. The same as you did in 2015 with a substandard candidate. JUST LIKE NOW.At the end of the day I’m voting for who ever is on that ticket with an R behind their name. It may not be Trump. I hoe to God it is. I’m willing to let the process play out. You are not. Ergo you’re a fcking troll.

  25. You do realize you posted the exact same comment about Cruz in 2015 don’t you? Face it, you suck. I’m out, long day, feel free to post your dumb ass off unimpeded.

  26. “Exact same comment about Cruz”
    Really? Did Cruz become Florida governor by 20 points?
    Who knew?
    Sigh* More lies from Brad because he has nothing else.
    I just watched Sarah tell a story about Trump flying to a war zone as a surprise.
    That is what Trump should be posting, not lame ass lies about an opponent who isn’t yet an opponent.

  27. Random quote on the internet:

    Trump is showing that it’s all about him and that he is perfectly happy to attempt to destroy promising Republicans of the future for no other reason than to protect his ego.

    He believes his own hype.

    That’s always a dangerous place to be.

  28. From a popular account with tons of followers, Bonchie:

    Yes, I’m sure 22-year-old DeSantis holding a beer near girls is going to be a problem for most rational people. But Trump being accused of sexual assault a million times isn’t or something.

    If you are going to use the media’s garbage tactics, expect them thrown back at you.

  29. I was going to watch the SOTU last night and play a drinking game where you have to drink every time Biden lied but I didn’t feel like getting totally blasted so I didn’t turn it on.

  30. Regan and Trump were the two best Presidents of my lifetime, but there were two different Americas.
    Right now I would vote for either Don or Ron in ’24. Never a Dem or a rino. I think Ron should complete his term as Gov, (I wish we had a gov like him in Colorado but the GOP here is just about gone).
    With open primaries here my state has almost zero influence on the nomination process and at the state level we might as well be renamed East California.
    As for Trump, I like him and voted for him twice. I see no one else that can bring the fight the the left except RDS. I think the GOP may the potential for a strong comeback in the future, but we have to clean house.
    As for Trump made quite a few missteps in his first term but we as a nation were in much better condition than we are now.
    Until we purge the voter roles and go back to paper ballots I fear we maybe screwed.


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