President Trump has boxed in the left beautifully. H/T C. Steven Tucker

Here’s the deal on the deal Chuck Schumer rejected:

If you have any worry that President Trump is selling out his base, relax. Notice that Tom Cotton and Sonny Perdue are running point on this negotiation.

#1. Notice the timing of this out-of-the-blue offer by President Trump. Caught the left by surprise, while Schumer and company were still licking their wounds. Classic negotiation tactic, save your opponent before they slit their own throat and they will thank you.

2. While 800K is the number of DACA ‘kids’ we have been discussing, 1.8 million is the actual number who are eligible in this classification. By using the higher number, President Trump appears conciliatory and magnanimous, offering the left a way to save face. Brilliant strategy. Don’t beat your opponent so badly they cannot sign the contract.


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17 Comments on President Trump has boxed in the left beautifully. H/T C. Steven Tucker

  1. Don Fredrick – @Colony14 tweeted:

    To encourage a quick build of the wall, allow 1,000 permanent resident statuses for each mile of wall built. 25 miles completed = 25,000 illegals get IDs. Such a rule would encourage everyone to support a quick completion of the wall. Even illegals would say, “Build the wall!”

    Pass on my idea! 1,000 permanent resident IDs for each mile of COMPLETED border wall. We’ll have half the Hispanics in the border states mixing cement!

  2. He made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. But they did and they are. Now it’s the horse’s ass that is in bed.

    He has exposed them for the lying shits they are.

  3. But, But, But, Trump caved and sold us out.
    This is all playing out in public and it is a sight to behold, people are being played right and left. We have never seen deal making done like this between a president and congress before, I love it.
    Who do you think is going to win this round?

  4. Gooberly Goober

    Exactly, the shit that’s being thrown around right now is not the line of demarcation. Watch. This should be fun.

  5. @DeanClancy tweeted:

    Dear liberals:

    He bested you in the electoral college, passed a tax cut without you, turned the shutdown against you, and repealed your beloved health care mandate.

    He’s unraveling your gains on judges, welfare, and regulation.

    Do you think you’ll outsmart him on immigration?

  6. I confess, I was upset when I read in a conservative blog, that Gorka and another guy were upset and explained how they felt that the proposal was a capitulation. I wrote President Trump and let him know that I felt betrayed.

    Oops, the following day, I wrote my apology, after I read further details, and that Cotton and Miller were fully on board.

  7. Senator Tom Cotton is the best there is on understanding all the ramifications of immigration and the effects of illegal migration. POTUS Trump is relying heavily on Cotton, Perdue and others in this fight. In a 1:1 interview while in Davos this week, Trump said: “Cotton, Perdue and Goodlatte have shifted quite a lot. They have strong opinions about DACA and I agree with them.”

  8. I just can’t state of the Union speech Tuesday. I have no idea what he will speak about but I just feel he has something big in store.
    He has the dems so utterly flummoxed they don’t know if they should scratch their ass or wind their watch.

  9. You could hear Erick Erickson fapping on the radio last Thursday as he broke the story. Finally, Trump Had stiffed the base, and Erickson’s principlz would be vindicated lololol.

  10. Organgrinder, he’s going to point to the dreamer props in the cheap seats and tell them exactly how they’ve been used by the Dems. Can’t wait for the Conan O’Kennedy III response to that.


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