Sweden: Muslim teens roam streets with rifles

Geller Report: This is what civil war looks like in 21st century Europe. The only real difference this time is that Europe and Scandinavia welcomed in the invading armies, gave them welfare, healthcare, homes and …. their daughters. In Sweden, the army may be called in to halt a gang surge in immigrant areas. France has already had to do that.

In Muslim Malmö, where a fifth of the 340,000 inhabitants are under 18, children as young as 14 roam the streets with Kalashnikov assault rifles and bulletproof vests. Meanwhile, left-wing “news” sites such as Vox declare that Sweden has the answer to America’s gun problem (we don’t have problems with guns, we have problems with the violent left).

For now, the surge in violence is mainly confined to so-called “areas of social exclusion,” a code for neighborhoods such as Rosengard that are predominantly populated by Muslim immigrants — no-go zones. They are not classic ghettos — the infrastructure and services are better than in areas of central London — but these communities are plagued by high crime rates and unemployment (Muslim migrants).  read more

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  1. If you get the government you deserve then we are, out of the sense of democracy, not allowed to comment on whats going on in this supposed progressive country.

    If however we are bastions of freedom and liberty any revolution that destroys the fabric of society that was preventable becomes a wake-up call lest we suffer the same fate.

    I just don’t see how Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Clintons, Warren, or any of the other lefty progtards active in America would ever be acceptable or viable in a muslime culture/country. Why them do they continue to advocate for their continued entry?

  2. Let them go. Swedes are too blonde. They want a little browning. That’s the way they think. They should stick to framing houses in the US. Fucking assholes. Dumnfucks otherwise.

  3. What happens when you hand your country’s power over to women.

    Women leader logic:

    1. I loved swarthy men in college.

    2. I hated my old white boyfriend.

    3. Let’s flood the country with swarthy men for social justice! (drool)…

  4. The barbarians are not at the gate, they are now permanent residents of Sweden. They Swedes can’t sit this one out like WW2 and declare neutrality. It’s going to be civil war or total capitulation to the Left/Islam. Looks like Recep Tayyip Erdoğan just might get his Caliphate, but it starts in Sweden and rolls right across Western Europe. Lord help them if they let Turkey into the EU. Game over if they do.

  5. Sweden is finally getting it’s come-uppance.

    I can’t wait for that country to implode from it’s own stupidity and to finally see ALL their secret buried “bank vaults” emptied by the muslim hordes who ironically were ALSO allies of the nazis and probably still have the largest stash of gold stolen from the jews during WWII… along with the “unrecovered” goods that were seized by the nazis when they took over all of Europe.

  6. The entire western world is in deep trouble thanks to the insidious attacks by the socialist left. The weakest links go first but we are by no means immune. This country is deeply divided and our culture has been diluted by the hordes of immigrants, which still continues.
    Just look at the resistance Trump is getting and he is just trying to get us back to a more centered governance.
    We are by no means out of the woods ourselves.


    🔥 They go out and enforce ABOVE the letter of the law against white Swedes, charging them for twitter posts,

    while they run away like cowards from no-go-zones, and make excuses for the muslim hoards.

    🔥 So what if they get bombed, shot, stabbed? They’re better off without them.

  8. @Hans the Christian who loves Trump and America January 24, 2018 at 1:26 am

    “I just don’t see how Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Clintons, Warren, or any of the other lefty progtards active in America would ever be acceptable or viable in a muslime culture/country.”

    ^^^ this ^^^

    This is why patriots… Christians… conservatives of good conscience… must join the ever loyal, Grand, Old Party, in wailing over the atrocities of *radical* Islam… while supporting just as American as American can be, Muslims, and our sisters, The Democratic Party.

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