Barack Obama still hates you and he’s not afraid to say it

Patriot Retort: Yesterday I was over at the New York Post, and a sidebar headline caught my eye.

In fact, it made me laugh out loud. So I tweeted out a screen capture and said this:

But yesterday evening, I started thinking about how that headline really does reveal another significant distinction between Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Both Trump and Obama despise certain elements of the news media.

But where President Trump reserves his attacks for the news outlets specifically, Barack Obama isn’t content just attacking Fox News or, say, Rush Limbaugh. He has to attack the Americans who make up their audience.

Don’t underestimate why this is a significant distinction.

Donald Trump doesn’t go easy on CNN. But one thing he never does is attack CNN’s viewers.

Likewise, when he was running against Hillary, Trump savaged Hillary. But not once did he attack her supporters.  read more

23 Comments on Barack Obama still hates you and he’s not afraid to say it

  1. Hate is an understatement. They want you silenced, jobless, ostracized, humiliated, broke and you and your entire family suffering from a painful life altering disease. They cant handle reality and must destroy those that don’t maintain their sick government religion. About time to go to war.

  2. Great Article Dianny!!

    “For all his so-called “soaring speeches,” Obama’s disdain for Americans has never been a secret. And if he wasn’t afraid to attack us when he was our President, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s still willing to attacks us today.”

    “We are now — just as we’ve always been — his enemy.”

  3. Has Obama done the ‘Ancestry’ or the 23% DNA tests yet?…..I hate his highest percentages and I’m pretty sure that I can dislike his lowers….



  5. What if a section of the population continually sent Obama a DNA kit?….Has it been done?….I mean obnoxiously continually….

  6. Obama has never really been an American outside of his self-identification as an “African-American”(which, he is not, according to recent protests by black students at Cornell University who wish to reject “black” students from Africa and the Caribbean if favor of people of color who are descendants of American Slavery). He sold us the illusion of racial reconciliation but gave us cultural Marxism and racial identity politics instead.

    In his eyes, America is flawed and deserves to fade away. He was not trying to steer the country in a better and more enlighten direction, he attempted to destroy our pillars and destroy the country from both outside and within.

    First and foremost, he and Michelle made sure they got the money. Now he can go around hating us in style.

  7. BoRock had 8 years to “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA”. That meant turn it into a shit hole. He failed. He couldn’t even take away our guns try as he might. At the end of 8 years he left a wounded country in his wake. Hillary was suppose to finish the job. But through divine intervention and the silent majority, TRUMP. So fuck off anti American Bitches. We’re coming back.

  8. So this false alarm in Hawaii, there seems to be speculation that this was more real than not, and was actually an attempt to sucker Trump into a retaliatory strike and start a war. Deep State?

  9. Conservative sites are full of quotes from left wing media and politicians. The MSM filters and censors everything they put on TV and the internet. Who’s living in another world?

  10. We hate you too, Bathouse Barry. You tried to turn us into a shithole. We fought back and Trump is the result.

  11. Of course, Obama is pissed he can no longer go “forward” (a key socialist phrase) with his divisive isolationism based on class and race as president.
    Also, he is fully aware his hate speech against patriotic God & country Americans is a way for him to encourage the fools who still support him and his Marxist agenda.

  12. Two haters.
    The whole time Letterman was on CBS* he made it pretty clear he hated every minute of it, and had disdain for much of his audience.
    The whole time Obama was in office he had disdain for my half of the country.
    Fuck them both.

    * I want to know why Letterman remains untouched by all the #metoo outrage. He was a serial sexual harasser. One of the worst. Supposedly had a bed in an office in that Ed Sullivan Theater for romps with interns. And why is Obama palling around with such an abuser?


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