Think you know James O’Keefe?

April 30, 2017 BFH 2

James O’Keefe and Gavin McInnes had a “dance off” at a sneaky secret conservative get-together. It was a REAL NEWS PARTY. O’Keefe shocked the audience. The usual mild-mannered, soft spoken, medium energy guy showed that you can’t always peg a person based on their media [Read More]

Meet A Self-Appointed “Keeper of Learning”

April 30, 2017 Dr. Tar 8

Assistant Principal Zack Ruff of the STEM Academy in Dowington, PA went into full-throated attack mode when a brother and sister team of pro-life supporters showed up in front of his school with signs. Ruff rushed to the defense of the “science” they teach at [Read More]

The Man Who Mowed Down Moldylocks Speaks

April 30, 2017 BFH 9

“Ethno-masochism is not healthy… trying to sabotage and destroy your own people is very sick, that’s a mass pathology that’s been developed in the west.” He’s been labeled a racist, bigot and white supremacist because he has questions about what is being taught in the classroom today- that [Read More]

China bans list of Islamic names in Xinjiang region

April 30, 2017 MJA 4

bbc ABC_ Authorities in China’s Xinjiang region are prohibiting parents from giving children some Islamic names in the latest effort to dilute the influence of religion on life in the ethnic Uighur minority heartland. “Muhammad,” ”Jihad” and “Islam” are among at least 29 names now [Read More]

Students despise Obama policies … when credited to Trump

April 30, 2017 MJA 16

Campus Reform: In anticipation of the 100-day mark of Donald Trump’s presidency, Campus Reform asked students at George Mason University to evaluate some of the president’s accomplishments. The students predictably blasted things like the “Apology Tour” and stimulus package, even comparing them to Nazi policies, [Read More]

Critters Join National Day of Prayer

April 30, 2017 Claudia 14

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Storm Dumps Over Foot Of Snow Near Denver

April 30, 2017 MJA 8

DENVER (CBS4) – For some it’s hard to imagine, but ‘Springtime in the Rockies’ often means heavy, wet snow. A potent spring storm dropped snow along Colorado’s Front Range and on the adjacent plains overnight with some locations above 7,000 feet reporting over a foot. [Read More]

The mystery of Antarctica’s Blood Falls is solved

April 30, 2017 MJA 11

  SFGate: The mystery of Antarctica’s Blood Falls has finally been solved – and it’s a scientific phenomenon 1 million years in the making. Blood Falls has long baffled researchers and spooked the general public with its gruesome red flows that ooze upon the stark [Read More]

Case Of The Fugitive Sock

April 30, 2017 MJA 15

  On the next episode of The Sockford Files: A fugitive sock escapes from the big Westinghouse, leaving his partner in crime holding the laundry bag! Will the fugitive Surf to freedom? Or will he be brought into justice by the Tide? [Man, I hate [Read More]

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